11:11:11/ Taurus Full Moon in Scorpio


Early Retrograde for Many

This is a power-packed month of change, change , CHANGE.  Transitions, whether we see them as good for us or bad for us, are just change.  Some do well in this energy.  Some flow and are energized especially if they are well positioned: meaning willingly have gone though massive changes earlier so that heart, mind and body are now grounded in Spirit.

This is not some unrealistic, New Age, mumbo jumbo type rhetoric.  I am speaking here of preparation for the astrological energies bombarding the planet at this time.  Are you prepared?  Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually prepared?

We are all in this together.  This earth dance.  Anyone can see the widespread changes crossing the globe, the unrest, the rebellion, the angry resentful feelings of repression, environmental and economic collapse. 

Globally, it’s time to act!  Problem solve.  Move into a sustainable NOW, now! We are seeing this excitement everywhere.

Personally, if we are not grounded in Spirit it can be a time to act out!  Yep, that’s what’s happening in many relationships during this emotionally intense month of Scorpio.   The unsaid or unspoken rises to the surface for release and those who are not prepared to feel their feelings run, act out, or hide.  Others, who have trouble speaking up develop thyroid problems.  Issues around the throat.

These are all growing pains.  Yet, it is time to learn through joy instead of pain.  That way of being in the world, that lifestyle, lived through passed down behavior, inherited wounding, indecision, poverty, depression, addictions and constant physical pain is just plain crazy making now.  For many of us, that way of living on this planet is over.  We have chosen to be responsible for ourselves and our behavior.   Many of us have chosen The Path of Joy! After all, it comes down to CHOICE and there is no right or wrong choice just BETTER choices!

Don’t get me wrong. Nobody is perfect.  We all are flawed yet that does not preclude happiness and joy. There is so much to do. One lifetime is just not enough time. So why not choose to live a healthy lifestyle, inward and outward, and live longer to realize all your dreams? The Path of Joy includes a willingness to  learn something new at any age.

Wouldn’t this world be a pristine jewel of a planet if everyone could learn through joy, practice harmlessness, and honor themselves and every other being, including the planet Herself, as sacred?

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