2011- The Ride Of A Lifetime

The Cosmic Valentine!

There has been a big shift in the Lunar Nodes for the world.  We have stepped out of Capricorn/Cancer into Sagittarius/Gemini.  This is a cosmic Valentine as today, February 14, reflects true love.  We can see the immediate results of this great love in Egypt.  The world has been watching and praying for justice in this ancient land and an amazing gift through social media and a courageous Google employee drove home freedom for Egypt!!!  

In ancient times today was St. Valentine’s Day.  It was more aligned with service and giving of one’s self NOT one’s cash!!!  Let’s face it, this day has morphed into a huge spendy day and many are disappointed if they are not lavished with gifts and attention.  Many others think spending money on someone is the only way to express their love.  Spending money needlessly to prove one’s love for another is no longer sustainable on any day.  Hey, being rich is awesome, yet let’s be mindful of HOW we express our love.  Is it unconditional?  Or are we expecting something in return for laying out all this dough???  And who really needs a gift?  Some have so much while others have to scrounge for the basics.  Those people seem the most generous to me, those who have nothing to give but their love!!!!  That is the true meaning of Valentine’s day, to give from your heart!!!

Back to the Cosmic Valentine, a sustainable and precious gift from the Universal  Mind!   The lunar nodes symbolize the pathway of return to our cosmic origins.  In other words, these placements in our astrological chart, move us forward on our evolutionary path if we can flow with them instead of resisting their promptings.  The transiting north node represents the collective spiritual frontier and the transiting south node, the release point for personal refinement.  So, these points are very important to our emotional, mental and spiritual growth.  We are moving out of the North Node in Capricorn which was a call to develop self-reliance and discipline. We learned or were pushed to reclaim our power and be mature, responsible adults with healthy boundaries.   The South Node in Cancer pushed us to release our codependency issues, martyrdom, and destructive attachments to our family, ethic group or nation.   On a personal level, this was not easy for most of us as it is easier in today’s society to be distracted from this purpose by:

  • food,
  • shopping,
  •  the internet,
  •  texting,
  • television,
  • gambling,
  • extreme sports,
  • drinking,
  • smoking
  •  drugs of all kinds including prescriptions for any kind of emotional or physical pain which is really a result of abuse of one or many of the above!

We understand these as addictions. If we used any of these to distract ourselves from moving along our personal path, life will only get harder and more ferocious in the coming years.  These are only a list of the most basic addictions. Many more subtle addictions can be used to avoid moving ahead to emotional, mental and spiritual maturity.

Now, as the Lunar Nodes move into Sagittarius/Gemini we are being offered a push into emotional, mental and spiritual MASTERY!   Are you ready????  This is THE ride of a LIFETIME!!!!

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  1. I love this blog post! This resonates with me and feels very real at this time in my life. Thank you so much for sharing your great insight… also love the previous February post as well. Good stuff!!!

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