Do good, look good, feel good!

The amazing transits, configurations, aspects, T-squares and movement of signs and planets are historic this year.  We are entering into uncharted territory which has been pondered about for the last decade.

On October 11, 2010, as the full Super-moon approached, my crazy Aquarian lover took me on a 6 mile hike up Westfork in Sedona that included crossing Oak Creek 10 times.  There was no snow on the ground yet and the leaves were astounding golds, pinks, reds and browns.  I was enchanted, it was a fairyland.  Yet, I am not a great hiker like my lover.  I prayed each time I had to cross a creek and was successful until I saw what I can only describe as an orb.  Then I fell!  I was forced to convalesce and be still for weeks.  Pulled muscle.  I quickly realized that we had just passes through the 10:10 spiritual gateway.  I perked up immediately because I was in the right position, you see:  propped up in a chair gazing out the window!  So, I used this sacred time to vision.  Something I suggest for everyone at this time.

Visioning is a cross between meditation and vision questing without the physical traveling!  You can do this in your favorite armchair with your feet up.  I vision with light harp music in the background because I find music helps me manifest more easily.  Basically, when you vision you are imagining what you want, your goals so to speak, yet you not only see them, you feel them, taste them, hear them and in my case sing them!!  This is a way of manifesting quickly and easily yet you must be very clear in your mind about the things you want and set aside anywhere from 7  to 17 minutes.

I believe we have entered accelerated energy where thoughts manifest more and more quickly.  Many groups of like-minded people are forming all over the world to vision a peaceful, abundant, prosperous now for every being on this amazing green/blue jewel of a planet we are privileged to live upon.  You can always add this vision to your own personal visions for 2011.

To stay in the positive energy of the now you must ask yourself-  Are you being pushed by pain or pulled by vision?  Do you know how to connect with Spirit?  Do you make time in every day to do this?  You may be asking yourself why this is important? Why make this a priority?  It is simple, we are entering a time where muscling to get something or somewhere will not and does not work.  We are moving into alignment with Divine consciousness and that means that everything we know must change.  We must be open to newer and better ways of doing things.  Astrological doorways are opening to help us manifest more easily for good.  So do good, look good, feel good!!!!  That is my mantra for 2011!  Vision it now!

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