2012 Full Moon in Cancer


2012 Full Moon in Cancer- January 8-9

Moon in Cancer is a self nurturing time.  A slow down and take care of yourself time.  A brilliant reconnection to nature time.  A great time to focus on family, pets and your home and make a sanctuary for all your loved ones including and most importantly …you!

 Cancer Moon helps us focus on the importance of water.  Water is the key to all life on our shimmering blue/green jewel of a planet.  Water is nourishing, fluid, intuitive, and calming.  Water is the strongest element because it yields with non-resistance and therefore cannot be overwhelmed.  Water just finds another pathway when it hits a wall.  Water never loses its ability to nurture and create life.  Life lives within Water.  Let us all send our prayers of renewal to Water at this special time of the Full Moon in Cancer.

We are all heading into amazing territory of 2012 yet there is a learning curve here, because our thoughts, feelings and words appear in our reality sooner now.  So, it is a good time to reflect on what you WANT to see in your world!

Focus on Beauty.  Be grateful.  Slow down and make self-care a priority this year.

Blessing to you all for a JUICY 2012!!!!!

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