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Weight Gain As Energetic Protection

 Many of us wonder why it is that we have trouble losing weight and even sometimes gain weight when we diet, or eat less with specific intent to be a certain number on the scale.  We tend to forget that each of us has a unique body that responds to our own individual thoughts and feelings.  Our body animal is like our most attuned pet.  It wants to please us, has unconditional love for us, yet misbehaves when ignored or threatened.  We are in the driver’s seat.  We are the SOUL encased in a living body temple.  Yet, we are not always conscious of the thoughts and feelings we are sending our bodies. 

Just as our pet dog, cat, horse, or any animal close to us, is psychically attuned and can read our thoughts and feelings, so can our bodies.  Our bodies are highly advanced animals.

We have entered into a highly energetic time where our thoughts and feelings manifest in the world at a rapid rate.  We have to protect ourselves against negativity of all kinds.  Some say they thrive on negativity, violence, constant debate and struggle, yet most of us do not.  We thrive on peace, joy, love, harmony and gratitude!

Some use all kinds of unconscious tools for psychic protection.  Hard drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are a few of the most dense and dark energetically.

 Some examples of lighter energetic abuse involves overuse of cell phones,  addictive video games, addictive shopping, over-working, over-exercising, or over indulgence in food.  All these imbalances are just distractions and protection from the real issues of soul growth that we are faced with at present. 

All energetic imbalances provide protection and distraction from the need to change, which is scary and requires real courage.

Let us now talk about food and weight gain which I believe to be the most accessible avenue for the most people.  Food is needed by every human being and affects everyone in different ways.  Most important, at this juncture in time, are our children.   Modeling a new world for them is paramount for survival of the human race.  You may be thinking at this point, ‘What does this have to do with my weight??’  Simple, all mature adults are role models for children not just their biological parents.  Let us consider that we are ALL parents even if we are biologically challenged or childless by choice.   So, are we modeling that it is alright to be unhealthy?


 I want to relate a personal story to you at this point.  I have struggled with my weight on and off since I hit my pre-teen years.  I remember looking down, with horror at age 16, and seeing the beginning of dimples on my thighs.  I was not abusing food at this point yet had not been an athlete and hereditary influences also play their part.  My mother, who was very busy sewing all my clothes, immediately put me on a diet.  I would later find out that all her sisters, in Australia, became obese in their twenties and that she had bucked that family trend by strict dietary means.  She became determined that I would not become obese.  This was her issue, not mine.  Naturally, I wanted to please her so I starved then secretly binged, beat myself up emotionally then starved and secretly binged again and again until this pattern was embedded in my psyche.  Sound familiar?

We take on the unresolved issues of our parents or whoever brings us into adulthood.  This was my passage into adulthood.  My unconscious initiation.  This initiation involved major food problems, which, of course, really mask deeper more unconscious emotional issues.  Fast forward to my first career as a singer/dancer/actress which involved more starvation and secret binging.  It is a miracle, an angelic intervention really, that I did not develop a more dangerous food problem like anorexia, bulimia or prescription drug abuse of some kind.

This food behavior went on for the entire 22 years of my professional career.  Then, into my second career, as a Holistic Heath Practitioner, I started to really delve into nutrition, particularly my body needs.   I had been a vegetarian since childhood, cut out most dairy while singing and acting then experimented with the raw lifestyle.  Now, I am a 80/20 raw vegan.  This means that 80% of my food is raw fruits and vegetables and nuts and the other 20% is cooked.  This works for me because I live in a desert climate.  The summers are so hot that salads, hummus, cold fruit and lots of water is all I want yet the winters get cold so then I add oatmeal, soup, bread, vegetable stir-frys and cooked beans and… sprouts.  I dropped 45 pounds on the raw diet yet became weak and was bruising because I was not sprouting.  I traveled into Veganism and gained some needed weight to even out.  I thought I had cured myself of my food problems.  But no!   Then, I decided to do home care for my mother who began her Alzheimer’s journey, and I immediately gained twenty pounds again!

This time, I was eating a balanced diet yet I found myself craving sugar again and giving into it.  I now know that for me, and many others, sugar is a tipoff that I am angry.  Sugar is not good for me and too much sugar is toxic for me.  I knew this, yet I could not stop myself from indulging.

Looking back on the emotional grenade that hit my life at this time, I now understand what I had done to get through a difficult situation. I kn0w I am only one of MANY with similar events happening in their lives at this time!

I was protecting myself psychically from the increasing abuse from my mother, she was a rage-aholic at times, and my boyfriend’s constant complaints, non-emotional support and general negativity even though he had chosen to move in with us to “help”!  I was tossed between them like a people pleasing puppy who doesn’t realize that she is damaging herself while putting others first.  So, I cut-off from my feelings, became secretly angry and stuffed it down with sugar.  Weight gain for energetic protection against negativity coming at me from all directions.

Near the end, things really got crazy, I abused coffee, couldn’t eat from the grief and lost the twenty pounds.  Then, the next difficult challenge appeared: selling her house.  Two escrows fell through and I had gained the twenty pounds back again.  I was tossed between my brother and my boyfriend. Two opposing factions again and I was in the peacemaker role again.  Anger, sugar, weight gain!

So, we finally sold, moved, bought and settled, yet, I had the weight still on me.  Through all the grief, stress and exhaustion, it became stunningly obvious that I was not with a emotionally supportive man.

At last, it was finally time to lose this twenty pounds and get back to myself when I hit another wall.  I loved this man for helping in his not so small way, he kept the house from falling apart with my mother.  Yet, I realized that he really was in it for the free rent and total freedom it afforded him because I was less stressed if he was left to his own devices.   After our joint Crystal business had to be put down, because I had to be at home with mom, his personal guitar business took off.  He was in a few bands and taught.  He had the time to really focus on it and was fully supported financially to do it.  He was happy and successful so I left him to it.  I was heartbroken, too emotionally exhausted to deal with him and twenty pounds over-weight again.

He wanted to move to Northern California, yet for many reasons that did not happen and we ended up in Arizona.  He had trouble rebooting his guitar business.  He complained so much about our location that I told him to leave many times.  I was grieving, resting, getting stronger and working at home.  He was searching for another career that worked out here.  He found it at last.  It was very lucrative and he became very happy yet was gone working alot and when he came home had no time for me.  We made no plans, did nothing together and basically had separate lives.  Also, during this time he started pushing me away sexually, making all kinds of excuses.  So, I spent a long, very hot summer stuffing my anger with sugar and potato chips and gained another 20 pounds.  Now, I am forty pounds over-weight!!!

 Now, you have to realize that to many I look normal.  I was underweight after my raw year and a half.  THAT is when I met this man, at a raw dinner, so he sees me as grossly overweight!   He, being Vegan, helped me climb back to a healthy weight yet I was still skinny.  This matters because his love is dependent on my hotness factor only.  So, his love is really not love at all, is it? 

What I suspected, and confirmed at last, was his double life in another city with another woman and her family.  So unknowingly, yet attuned psychically, all that hot, angry summer I had been protecting myself from their energy with sugar and potato chips.  Of course, now that I know, the weight is peeling off and I don’t crave sugar and never eat potato chips!  These are two things that are NOT my normal food selections.  Either is too much coffee.  Sugar is anger.  Coffee is grounding.  Potato chips are salty and Asian women can use too much salt in their food.  I was just picking up her energy.  Salt creates heat in small, skinny, cold bodies.  Over eating salt is worry. 


 You and I are alike.  We are all psychic.  You know things, feel things, see things, hear things that are unexplainable to your practical mind.  The energy of the NOW is so high that we are all globally being sent into high evolution, revolution, CHANGE!

It is paramount at this time that you create a healthy hormonal balance in your body to evolve gently and easily.  This means that food isimportant.  What you consume has a vibration which either matches yours or does not!  Do not assume that if you have problems eating a certain thing that you are unhealthy.  It may be a soul call from your body to eat higher vibration foods.  These are organically grown fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, gluten free bread, hormone-free salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds, omega three oils, organic beans and lentils, home sprouted breads, sprouts or all kinds and a very small amount of organic soy products.

You will also intuit the right supplements for your body.  Get interested in your body.  It is your highly advanced animal.  Instead of protecting yourself with food, there are many other forms of healthy psychic protection available.  Gemstones and crystals, flower essences, sacred, silent walking in nature, yoga, tai chi, chi gong and all forms of meditation, exercise, gardening, art, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, knitting, healthy cooking and laughing with friends!!!!

Get creative if you feel anger.  Get moving if you are restless and worrying, get help if you are emotionally eating and need to resolve some childhood or past life issues.

Most of emotional eating is the direct result early trauma whether spiritual, emotional, mental or physical.  This is where you actually need a facilitator if you keep repeating the same drama in your life.

There are many great books on all these subjects: Source it out! Google it!  Find the information that resonates with you.  You create your life. Take charge.  Be the star of your own movie NOW!


Now, let’s discuss ENERGY vampires.  I mean those people who suck energy from others.  This is a huge lesson in weight control for most of us because we protect ourselves from the aggressive, negative, taking without giving back energy of those around us.  The more of those kinds of people we attract because we are caring and compassionate and they see an easy mark.  This may be conscious or unconscious behavior on the part of the other.  Most of this bad behavior is dependent on unresolved childhood issues on both parts.  The Taker (Energy Vampire) preys upon the Giver (Over-compassionate person with low self esteem) because he or she can!

I have had both male and female ENERGY vampires try to suck my energy all my life.  This started with my mother and father, teachers, bosses, managers, all my husbands, some of my step-kids, many  so-called friends and of course anyone trying persistently to sell me something!  All of these people took more than they gave to me and I allowed it, suffering quietly as the martyr until NOW!!!  The image that I present to the world (childhood patterning and astrological influences) is such that I thought I had to sublimate my true, tough, smart, and very astute authentic self to be loved.  Not so, it seems!  What a revelation, to us all, that we can be guilty of presenting only half the truth of who we really are, to others.  Is it any surprise that after deceiving another (consciously or unconsciously) we are then drained of our energy by the wrong person we attracted through (unconscious or conscious) deceit!

To be perfectly clear, we must walk the middle path spiritually, mentally, emotionally and psychically.

The middle path is the balance between our personal power (leadership) and compassion (unconditional love).  If we are too much in our power (walking over others to get what we want out of fear of not enough for everyone-unresolved childhood issues around money, love, acceptance and all energy) we become the ABUSER.  If we are too compassionate (low self esteem and unresolved childhood issues revolving around spiritual, emotional, mental, and or/physical trauma) we become ABUSED!

Some of our life issues go back to past lives and astrologers and past life specialists can identify these.  As is true with any issue, when you are aware of its existence in yourself you can witness it, embrace it withlove and then release it.  The more you can be the dispassionate witness to your own antics the faster you can release disempowering and self-sabotaging behavior.  Needless to say, blaming others and staying the victim, because you are attached to that image of yourself, is non-productive.  This information is for those pro-active souls who have a big part to play in changing our world into the peaceful, abundant, joyful and pristine place it is meant to be!

So, celebrate yourself and give yourself the gift of YOU!!  Take up your power and learn to live the middle path.  See, hear, feel and know the miracles that happen when you do.  Please do this for yourself, our children and dear Mother Earth. 

Many blessings to you today and always!  Love, light and laughter, Lindy

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  1. My favorite blog entry by you yet. It’s from the heart and very revealing. Blessings for a very happy 2012!!

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