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With 5 planets retrograding, including Mercury, and the Full Moon in Scorpio amping up the discord, we are seeing the ramifications of the wrong type of guardianship of our planet.

These are exciting times for the conscious and trying times for those who refuse to see the results of their actions. The boomerang effect!

This whole year is a purification and completion of this nine year cycle. To start a new cycle many things that no longer work have to go! This may mean a variety of things ranging from toxic thoughts to toxic relationships to toxic oil spills.

We as a species are evolving whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. Change IS upon us.

There is alot of angelic help all around us if we tap into it though meditation, quiet walks in nature, music, dance, painting, singing, writing and any creative endeavor that takes us out our left brain. With all this retrograde activity, we are guided to use our right brains more. This is how we receive Divine messages.  This keeps us sane in insane times and builds brain strength so we can soon operate using both sides in tandem.

This is a powerful year, so to use it well becomes an art form in itself. As the Tibetans say: Eat half as much, Walk twice as much, Laugh three times as much, Love endlessly!

Blessings to you.


Astrological New Year



We have entered into the beginning of the astrological year with the New Moon in Aries cycle. The energy is high as this is a supermoon and the astro- aspects are intense. This feels more like a full moon and heralds in an intense 12 month period where our actions will speak so much louder than our words.

We are entering a critical period of choice, personally and globally. How much do we care about our planet and all life upon it? What really matters to us? Are we all connected and does every thought, word and move we make reverberate through our world?

As with all new moon cycles, we can lay out our desires and see them come to fruition as the month progresses. More than ever, clearing the mind and heart of past transgressions is imperative. This is a never ending task, yet unburdening ourselves becomes easier as we learn to let go.

Meditation helps us to clear our minds and add space to our being. Alone time connects us to ourselves. Nature helps us to heal our minds and souls and connect to the Divine. It is here, in this state of connecting to the Divine, that we finally understand the concept of letting go. It is here that we receive guidance from the Divinity within ourselves. This takes time and determination. With practice it allows us to lead with our hearts and our souls. It is deep connection with our Divine selves.

Please make our deepest desire to lead with compassion and love as we move forward into this highly karmic cleansing time. Those around us will need our peaceful energy and kind words to help them choose wisely and move into a more harmonious vibration.

Let’s shine brightly and feel the myriad of blessings coursing around us.

Spring is here! Love, lighten up and laugh alot!




The Lunar Eclipse was just the doorway for a major karmic cleanout. On April; 17/18 Mars and Pluto go retrograde followed by another Mercury retrograde starting on April 28. This will be a five planet retro power punch!

What does all this mean? Get ready for instant karma. We reap what we sow. If we are heading down the wrong path, not aligned with our soul, we will encounter major blocks and challenges. Also, relationship turnabouts can happen. Either endings or new beginnings as we are confronted with the true soul qualities of ourselves and others.

This is an amazing time and we can welcome it and embrace it as the sorting and separating of values continue of a grander scale.

We could say that this time is a paring down to the soul bone. We are ready if we have laid out our goals for this year as earth healing, organic heathfulness and mindfulness, relationship harmony, peaceful alone time, helping others, kindness and gentleness, less clutter and more communion with the Divine in ourselves and others.

There are so many reasons to usher in a better, healthy lifestyle and the star lineups are nudging us in this direction. Flow with the rapid changes as many outdated ways of being fall away. Look for the new, kinder ways of living life.

Let’s concentrate our energies on the bright future that is starting to emerge as more of us walk with faith into the new.

Blessing to you!