A Prayer For Mother Earth

We are at an important juncture as a living, breathing humanity sharing our dear planet with more loving and more evolved species.  I mean animals, fish, whales and dolphins, plants, trees, insects, minerals, water, fire, air and Earth herself!!!   Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachumama: the sacred, living container for all the abundant life on Her, in Her, above Her, around Her and through Her!

We normally think the advanced species are in other dimensions or on other planets, yet why do we discount the truly glorious ecosystems that sustain us?  These beings do not destroy their habitats.  They work together to create sustainability.  So advanced!  SO NECESSARY FOR LONGEVITY!

I give a prayer of gratitude today and I hope you will join me.  I pray to Mother Earth for gentleness in her transitions this coming year and offer my help wherever I can give it.  I offer my service to Mother Earth at this time.  I AM grateful for all that Mother Earth supplies.  I AM grateful for the diversity of climates.  I AM grateful for Her grand beauty.  I AM grateful for Her compassion.  I AM grateful for HER!

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