Another PowerPunch New Moon



All the moons are super- powerful now. They affect not only the tides but our very being on this gorgeous, green/blue jewel of a planet called Earth. This Virgo New Moon heralds in yet more deep, heart-felt change as many astrological aspects gather in the skies to change signs, T-square, change direction, dance and celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.

Pluto leads the charge into this millinium as The Lord of Transformation stations direct at last and reveals to us all just where we give over our power. As Ramtha says, our beliefs stand in the way of our soul growth. So, another layer of examining our personal belief systems is on the table.

What is working for us? What is not? Are we letting our egos hang on to something or are we listening to the Divine within us? Have we slowed our minds and breath enough to hear that Divine voice which is within all of us?

The All That IS,  The Field of All Possibilities, The Divine Within Us is becoming firmly rooted in this  shifting reality and in our very beingness.  It is the time of Aquarian ideals: Peace, equality and prosperity for all.

This New Moon in Virgo speaks to us all about the real things in our lives. The false gold as opposed to the true gold that forges our souls. What is just a temptation? What is good for us? What is our TRUE gold? What is our true,  heartfelt joy and gift to offer the world? “Get Real” could be our motto for this autumn!

This may appear to be a time of increasing chaos yet it is just the widening of polarities. Some are moving in one direction, others in another. Instead of judging, let’s look into our own hearts and move toward those who are aligned with us. There, we will feel at peace, welcomed, supported. We will belong. We will be learn to be Sovereign!!!!

We are all leaning to share ourselves and give. Let us fall into our full power and integrity this Fall!!!!

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