April Fools!

Today I am contemplating completions because that is what I believe this period before the next eclipse cycle is all about. Completions.

I think I am complete with all the serious overtones that have been fed to us through our vast global medialand and through so many others trying to capitalize on 2012 mania.

Since I have chosen to be here in Sedona, I have watched the BIG business of raising consciousness with all its greed, desperation, unkindness and even deaths, lawsuits and imprisonment which is just like any other business.  Everybody comes through here and markets up a storm then conducts workshops. Most bring their own followers from all over the world.  It is really a great vacay for their clients and a chance to mingle with others of like mind.  Lots of networking takes place and that is a great thing. We all need connection instead of the isolation created with our cold computer age cubicals, constant media bombardment, social networks disguised as intimacy and rushed everything so that little depth and meaning remains anywhere in our lives. Making big money in any business is just a choice yet here it is tied up with a huge spiritual bow!

So, I am laughing at myself today for my own naivete. A big April Fool am I for thinking any business is transforming yet! 2012 is just the beginning of joining our hearts and minds so of course there will be many growing pains and I am seeing them right here!

We have three super-moons, a new eclipse cycle and the summer solstice coming. Best to get grounded, practical and prepared to laugh our way through the rest of this year. So far, 2012 is not anything that has been predicted or expected. Is it? Actually, the astrological year only just started on the Vernal Equinox. That, of couse, was imbedded in an extra heavy retrograde. Mercury, Mars and Saturn are travelling backward. Three heavy hitters!  So, is it any surprise that things seem to be moving slowly.

I have gratefully stepped away from my computer glitches and all socail media meltdowns. Its spring. Time to be outside in the sun!

I have been merrily doing spring weeding around my home. Great contemplation time for writers, this chore which most farm out to others. Another great added benefit from weeding myself is that it becomes my own personal gym. I do constant squats for over an hour twice a week then deserve a great soak in lavender mineral salts. Ahhhhh!

To my chagrin, I was surprised to learn that out here, in Northeren Arizona, bees live in the dirt so I have now decided to let them have some of these weeds for their homes. Then, all the weeds flowered and it is glorious here! So, now I am cultivating weeds and the bees are pollinating them. Another April foolish me!

To complete this little rant on completion, why not think about what we are completing at this time?  Especially, if people, places and things seem to be shifting in our lives, instead of boohooing or holding on so tight that cramps result, why not let go and observe.  This is just the cycle of life. Look at the natural world. Beginnings and endings happen daily. Are we so out of touch with the natural cycles of life now because of all this electronic advancement?

April Fools!



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