Ascension Symptoms

Mother Earth is morphing!~~We are doing the same thing as we shift from duality to Oneness.

We are going to literally Love our way into a New Earth!

Common Ascension symptoms:

  • hyper nervous systems
  • mentally in “high gear” but without the positive effects usually associated with this like creativity, resulting in an overall mental “tenseness”
  • fogginess in thinking, losing thoughts, words
  • communication difficulties
  • feelings of tingling, skin “crawling” or numbness
  • feeling ungrounded, light headed, dizzy
  • not in touch with lower body
  • leg or foot cramps
  • heaviness on left side of head
  • neck and shoulder stiffness
  • extreme tiredness/exhaustion
  • clumsiness/dropping things for a whole day, then OK the next day

 Visualization Exercises  “Planetary Initiation” by Rita Milos

To facilitate the re-patterning process – with or without the help of healer – you can use the following exercises:

1. Imagine a “slough off” of excess energies. You can visualize this as a lava flow, flowing down the body anywhere excess energy is piled up on you (often the left side of the head, neck, and shoulders). Alternately, you might imagine that you are a giant ice cream cone covered with hardened chocolate coating. Imagine that the coating is melting away and flowing down your body and into the floor. (It is thicker anywhere the excess energies are thicker.)

2. Imagine “pumping” out old stagnant energy from your 1st and 2nd chakras through your feet as often as possible. Just visualize this at any time during the day when you think of it. Really try to sense the “flushing action” and eventually you will actually feel a pumping sensation in the soles of your feet.

3. Imagine a circle of energy moving between your throat and your 1st chakra. Circle forward and back several times. (A good time to do this is just before you fall asleep at night.) Also imagine a circle of energy moving between your 1st chakra and the earth, again going forward and backwards several times each.

4. Once you are sensing that you are flowing more freely, imagine a flow of energy up the middle of your body, out into the universe, and down the middle of your body into the ground again. Be sure to push the energy down into the ground about six feet to really “anchor” your energies. Do this only when you can feel that your energies are flowing freely.

With these exercises, especially if you get assistance from a qualified healer, you should be able to re-pattern your new higher (and more potent and positive) energies within a few weeks to a few months. Remember, even though this may be an uncomfortable period, it will yield tremendous positive results.

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