Being In Love

Feelings are changing, as is everything, in this energetic portal of 2012. Love and being in love are more about two hearts meeting now. That rush, that deep connection, that we feel when someone acknowleges us in that special way, when another validates us as the lovable being we are becomes just a reflection of what we are putting out there in the world.  We must BE that kind of love to ATTRACT that kind of love.

Like attracts like so the other is always a mirror into our deepest soul. So, if we are still in bodies our mission is not over on this planet! Our mission is to evolve as souls journeying on Planet Earth.

All of our issues are/will be up front and center around love as we travel into this Venus Retrograde in Gemini which starts May 15, 2012 and ends June 27.  We will all breathe a collective sigh of relief and celebrate, as Saturn turns forward at last on Jun 25.  So, we will come out of this period of time with a greater sense of meaning in our lives and deeper relationships.  We will understand our own values and what we need versus what we want. We will have identified what is really important to us in the areas of love, self-worth, resources and money.

Let’s find our way back to love. That is the anthem playing in the background of our lives for the next ten weeks.

We have all been fed incurable romantic ideals through the media of what love should look like. And it may look that way in the beginning. Who doesn’t want to be swept off their feet in an avalanche of affection? There can be so much fire in the beginning of a relationship that it burns our quickly or a slow burn can happen and last quite a long time. There are so many different ways to accept love, yet that is the key, ACCEPT LOVE. We can refuse to see what is being offered to us while we hunger for that which seems out of our reach. We can be so prioritized on what a perfect love partner should look like that we ignore the inside or figure we can change that later. All of these behaviors, these trial and error love dealings are not mistakes just growing pains. It becomes more apparent as we grow older and wiser that we are not looking for validation from another if we give that validation to ourselves.

So, what are we looking for then? Why do we need a love connection in our lives if we no longer need validation that we are lovable just as we are? What if we have already had children or are not interested in having them? What if we are not desperate single mothers in need of financial and emotional support? What if we are not starving artists in need of finacial stability so we can produce art? What if we no longer crave power and status in a partner to show off to others? What if we are no longer looking for a father figure to take care of us and protect us from harsher realities? What if we have checked out of the media love hype which is based on selling us stuff we don’t need? There are so many scenarios why people hook up that have little or nothing to do with true love. There is no judgement here, whatever works, works!  Yet, in my experience, later one partner is miserable and calling me!

So, again, why do we need and crave a deep connection with another soul on this planet in a body?  I have come to this conclusion: this connection with another, and all our relationships, become the fastest way to grow and evolve and this soul growth and evolutionary expansion is why we incarnated in the first place. It all becomes more intense this year because we have an energetic speedup of evolution taking place right NOW! So, the frantic dance of exchanging partners, divorce, exposure, syncrohonized meetups, extended families has reached a fevor pitch. There are no mistakes, forgiving ourselves and others is paramount now and treating every encounter with gratitude for our soul growth is mandatory. Yet, we are the masters of our own universes. We call our own shots. We determine what we wish to experience next. Ask!

It becomes very important now to believe in something bigger that ourselves, co-create everything in our lives and most importantly our love partners. We never did this on our own. It’s just becoming more apparent now as we recognize the intense synchronicities around everything in our lives.

So, to conclude this Rumi-nation on love, have fun. Take things less seriously. Love is a journey. A learning experience. There is no right or wrong so let’s forgive ourselves and move on to our next experience or deepen the one we have going at the moment.  After the initial glow wears off the only thing to consider is: Are we getting as much as we give? Are we giving as much as we get? Is that important? Why? And finally: Are we in a state of gratitude for our partner in every moment and at all times?


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