Beyond 2010

Give Yourself the Gift of Insight

Cobalt PowerWe are living in astounding times. Our world is being turned upside down. There are astrological influences in the sky that have not appeared since ancient times.

Some, we have never before seen in our lifetimes. What does all this mean?

I believe that something strange and wonderful is happening right now. That if we can open our minds and hearts, we can be part of a new millennium of oneness and interconnectedness that is mind-blowing!

This new world is here right now waiting for us to wake into sight of it. The actual reality around us NOW. Forget what we have been programmed to see.

What is actually there around us and has always been there around us, living with us, loving with us, sharing our beautiful blue-green planet with the lightest imprint of all!

The master ingredient we need to really see this new world and merge into this world is LOVE.

Sure, we all think we know what love is and think we have experienced it, yet look around you. Do you see love everywhere you look? Have you really given yourself permission to love with abandon, to burn through your inertia with LOVE? Or are you longing and yearning for someone else to Be the Love?

I will explore LOVE through spiritual readings and astrology, art, poetry, music, video and visionary novels. Some offerings are free, others are intentional tools for these times. How do we stay in the immense vibration of LOVE so we can BE the miracles we have been waiting to appear in our lives? Please come on this journey with me.

You are inspired to stay in the highest vibration of fun while you surf my website. I offer intuitive spiritual counseling ,with free astrology blog, fun art cards, and visionary novels. Later, music CDs for sale, free music downloads and videos. There are also other links to other websites I endorse within the spiritual community.


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