Body Love

 Body Love

It was a synchronized event that sent me from 22 years as a professional actress/ singer/ dancer into 14 years as a Holistic Health Practitioner who also specializes in nutrition and balanced exercise!  Let’s face it, I was healing my body!  It is not enough to just heal our minds.  Most of us ignore our bodies and stay in our heads.  We yak, yak, yak about spiritual principles yet take western yoga, because it is now aerobic, and hurt our bodies even more instead of healing them. We are so entrained, almost hypnotized by the media to stay in shape, that it overrides the real purpose of a spiritual body discipline.

What happened to loving our bodies????

I have found myself watching the film ‘Connie and Carla’ with Nia Vandalos and Toni Collette over and over again.  Sure it is crazy funny, full of great show tunes, wonderful actors who are genuine and sweet and a laugh/cry at the same time movie which is rare nowadays.  Yet, the real underlying reason I keep watching it is the ‘girl power body talk’.

Nia Vandalos, who wrote the screenplay, is a Canadian Second City Comedy Troupe Vet who is a Greek/ American beauty with a thyroid problem.  For real.  She had/has body issues, and who doesn’t?, yet hers were Hollywood Huge, upfront and in your face, onscreen in her first film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’!  So, naturally, she continued that LOVE YOUR BODY ITS THE ONLY ONE YOU GOT theme in ‘Connie and Carla’.

Body issues plague everyone.  Women seem to be the main targets by the media though, and especially young girls.

So, I am pinning my way through Pinterest now and taking the temperature of what most people respond to globally.  There was a huge firestorm of comments when images of meat for summer barbeque were displayed.  There were dozens of negative comments yet in the end hundreds, and I am sure thousands to come, of people pinned noxious, heart attack on a bun, unkind images to their own boards.  Then there are the cakes, man, a day doesn’t go by without a new giant cake design popping up on the Pinterest stream or a new chocolate recipe.  All the while, there are millions of boards displaying images of pin thin, fit, or sporty muscle bound female bodies.  Most of these images are of celebrities and models.

I know firsthand, that to achieve most of these bodies these poor/rich celebs and models choose to starve, take stimulants, smoke and over-caffeinate to suppress appetites and work-out till they drop!  Bottom-line: they are totally dependent on how they look to maintain their careers and high standard of living.  Is this any way to live, and who can keep this up and where does aging gracefully fit into this picture???? Ponder that! I am!

Now, I know that things are changing in this area.  People like gorgeous ADELE are refusing to cave to the pressure, ala her own personal beef with Karl Lagerfeld. (He said she was fat! Loudly! )

Why can’t we just move more and eat less, as Nia observed in Europe.  Love our bodies and listen to them.  Let them tell us what weight feels comfy and what exercise feels good so we will continue doing these healthy, balanced things our whole life long.  What foods feel good?  What foods make us sick?  This is actually very easy and sooooooooooooo inexpensive if we drop out of listening to commercial brainwashing and LISTEN TO OUR BODIES INSTEAD.

I am finding that if I do my own weeding and yard work,( What a revelation!) it becomes my own personal gym.  The pluses are, I am out in the fresh air, getting to know my property, saving money and working my bod at the same time. Hello!

So, let’s get our mojo back.  Stop and rest. Then, plan out what is really doable and realistic in our lives for long-term results not just a short fix that will lead us into more self abuse later.  We can take control of our lives now no matter who is/was telling us otherwise, no matter what happened before, stay in the NOW!

Today, I love my body!!!!

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