Challenges from the Angels

 We are all earth angels on a great mission whether we are awake to that knowledge or still sleeping.  So, here is a heads up! We have some challenging aspects in the sky with the coming Saturn retrograde and Mercury retrograde both submerged in the element of water. The strongest element!

This is a clarion call to all lightworkers, system busters, way-showers, light-workers or anyone who feels they are on assignment to assist humanity’s evolution.  We are handed more miracles in the disguise of challenges.

Many wish to push forward with their materialistic plans which do not honor the earth or the beings upon it. Many things will prevent more abuse to Mother Earth and the equality of all beings.  Connection between all beings is becoming felt strongly on this planet once again.

As we see these dramas unfold, please know that we are divinely protected and are asked to watch for the spaces where we can assist.  It is a great time for meditation, contemplation, chanting, sacred walking, yoga etc for that is where we can find peace in our centers. It is also a way to listen for guidance duing challenging times. We are warriors for the light and stand ready to serve. Let us all lead with compassion and love.





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