It takes courage to move forward yet with our Angelic Guidance System in place, our own personal AGS, we can navigate the NOW with precision.

What keeps us from finding the source of our power? Addictions can take many forms as we all know. We can be addicted to fear of failure, the need for approval or even the fear of desertion.

Sometimes, we must be still, quiet, and allowing like the enduring rock formations here in Sedona. The great teachers. The masters. They are speaking now very loudly yet they teach in silence. We must be quiet and still to hear them.  They teach us the blessings of patience and endurance. Without these tools we cannot hear our inner AGS. The more inner quiet we possess the more strength, wisdom and courage we aquire. We start to understand the uses of time, timing and right use of our personal power. First, however, we have to discover our inner power to radiate it outwards.

It takes courage to give up our addictions, whatever they may be. It takes persistance, endurance, strength, commitment and self-love above all. We all deserve and are worthy of happiness, joy, support, friendship, harmonious relationships and romance, prosperity and AbunDance of all kinds!

This is a juicy, ripe, amazing time to encounter ALL our desires. Let’s have the courage to leave all addictions behind and step forward with leadership and assurance by using our inner AGS. Let’s make the most of this grand opportunity that the heavens are blessing us with now in 2012 and beyond.

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