Cutting the Chords of the Past

The Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Taurus is here and its a fireball! This is literally a new beginning, a new energy, a new opportunity for total immersion, without resistance, into the evolutionary process; the Ascension for all beings and Gaia herself.

How does this look in 3D? For one thing, 3D is transforming into 4D and then 5D.

Where is the proof? Think about how many people in our day speak out about kindness, finding people of like mind, and their refusal to accept harsh treatment for themselves and all other beings.  It is a landslide movement! I am talking about our immediate vicinity, where we live, our day- to -day reality.  This is where we must connect in, not out there which is random, unrealiable and potentially deceptive.

This is the New Moon in Taurus grounded in our immediate reality highlighted by an intense South Node Solar Eclipse. What does this mean?

The South Node is our release point. It carries hard lessons from  past lives into this current life for one last looksee so we can pop open as we release them and move into a more powerful existence. Traditionally, in the astrological chart, this is a stubborn aspect that we have carried with us for many re-incarnations.

Here is the opportunity with this particular Solar Eclipse aspecting the global South Node. We may identify and clear what has been holding us captive. Our own form of dis-empowerment comes to light, we can watch ourselves without judgement, laugh at our follies then finally let it go. We may find it easier now to move through issues that keep holding us in place.

Three Eclipses highlighting the global South Node, this is the second, mean release, release, RELEASE!!!!

So, this is a great time to stay focused on ourselves. Stay away from the media and it’s distractions. Stay with ourselves. Another layer of unneeded, stubborn, unloving, protection is coming down. Let it. Watch it go.

None of us are perfect, that is why we are here. To revel in our imperfections! All is Art, so think of this process as a great personal creation. We are building individual and collective masterpieces. Wow!

This Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Taurus is another giant initiation into building better people. That’s us!

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