Dancing at Lughnasa

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This Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 is Lamas or Lughnasa the Celtic Festival and grand Celebration of Midsummer.  This is one of the traditional pagan festivals celebrating the cycles of the earth. There is always alot of singing and dancing, laughing, sharing stories and partaking of food and drink. Yet, most of all, Lughnasa is a celebration of gratitude to Gaia, our home, for providing an amazing abundance of love, shelter and life giving food and water. Simply said, Lughnasa is a celebration of Gaia for giving us life.

This day always holds great significance for me as it also represents the last stage play I was so fortunate to lend my acting, singing and dancing skills to in Taos, New Mexico. Really, this time of year reminds me of my story. Not only my story in this life but of the many stories I have acted out in many lifetimes, as have we all!

I recently shared with a new friend that I was an actress and she immediately told me that so was she! I naively asked what she had done and she wisely reminded me that we are all actors and actresses and that life is our stage or film!

Story is so important to all of us. Our own stories and those of others shared with us. In this way, the ancients kept all the mysteries alive passed down orally from one to another.  We are all the keeper of stories and there is great significance in everyone’s adventure.

The main reason that I write is to share stories. This is the drive and motivation for all writers to tell a story or share some information.  I do both in my own way, the novel way, because this is the way I have learned the most, through story. Through reading. Words!

I am about to dedicate a blog on this site to my second novel in the Amusing Light Series.  ‘Cosmic Bob’ embodies fun!  A hahaha……oh! type of novel. I will start this on Lughnasa 2012, the day of story, the celebration of midsummer.  All this solar flare activity has lit a fire under me to share my latest story with you. Also, I would love to have some feedback if you are so inclined. Let me know what you think. Let me hear your stories!

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