Dec.10,2011 Full Lunar Eclipse/ Full Gemini Moon

This is actually a cozy time to gather some essential information about ourselves before we move out of this tight spot and ZOOM ahead into a new frontier! A new WORLD!  BRING IT ON!!!

We are in the choice point or HOTPOINT as I call it!  A really juicy time for releasing all the people, places, things, past situations and trauma that are holding us back from stepping into our full potential, our full power.

First, we had the amazing influx of feminine energy pour onto the planet forcing us all to balance out right and left hemispheres of our brains and address any and all hormonal imbalances that we may have amassed.  Because, as we all know, a healthy hormonal system is the key to these times of mass transformation.  The energy is so high now and will only get more intense and juicy as we travel into the NOW!!!!

So, what are you eating?  Is it laced with hormones that are incompatible to your energetic vibration?  What are you thinking?  Cynical and critical thinking hurts, doesn’t it?  Blame hurts, doesn’t it? Pointing the finger at someone else hurts, doesn’t it?  Are you walking the middle path?  Do you even know what the middle path is?  Are you grounded?  What tools do you need for grounding?  And most importantly: what are you feeling???  Are you staying in the NOW?

Are you in appreciation?  Are you grateful?  Are you watching yourself, with detachment, go through your antics so you can identify and release them?  Do you understand that your biggest issues are up to be looked at and released?  Are you laughing at yourself yet??

ARE YOU TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CREATIONS YET???  It is time to release, regenerate and celebrate!!!!  Merry, Merry to us all!

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