Easing through the Eye of the Storm

We embark on the great adventure of the second half of 2012 with this new moon, the summer solstice moving into the sign of Cancer and the first of seven powerful Uranus-Pluto squares that take us into 2014.

What a week!!

Please take care of yourselves, body, mind and soul, as these shifts require due diligence in the area of our attention. Where does our attention lie? What are we focused on predominantely throughout our day? Are we constantly distracted by this techno age or are we focused on an ideal? Are working toward something that betters ourselves, others and our planet?

It is so easy to fall into apathy when you smash into a wall. When we are personally tested, and seemingly derailed from our goals, we really begin to know ourselves and others around us. Do we stand back and look at the big picture of our lives with patience and perseverance or do we blame others and throw in the towel? Do we take responsiblity for our creations or rail against the Universe for delivering what we said we wanted in ways we had not anticipated?

These Uranus/ Pluto squares are here to shake up our world both personally and globally.

It is no accident that we have to move through a Venus Retrograde and a rare Venus transit to get here. At this moment of questionable time, we are about to use our training wheels to face problems and tests with unconditional love instead of the usual explosive aggression that has almost destroyed our home planet. This will be a two year period of baby steps. Will we actually learn about unconditonal love by doing it and being it? There will be many falls and restarts. Many apologies. Many who refuse to try or just cannot do it. Bottomline: Are we going to continue this old crusty way of being that handles every problem with a smoking gun of resentment, unshakeable intolerance, destructive apathy and entitlement of staggering proportions or move into this new way of being?

The seeds have been sown this week. Hopefully, we will look back at this time with appreciation. Hopefully, we will look back at this turning point and say this is when we all, as a global village, decided to LOVE instead of hate, to honor our home, to honor each other and to honor all beings everywhere.

On a personal note, we can each ease our way through these amazing aspects, which affect us and all life, by embracing change and being flexible. Allow other possibilities, people, physical locals, careers, to enter our lives. Let go and see the bigger picture behind any seeming loss. Let’s see the grand design for our lives and have faith in the Universe that it is not random and we are not tossed on an angry sea. There is purpose behind every action and every circumstance. Slow down and see, feel, touch, enjoy!

We are not here on this Earth to struggle. That is an illusion of our own making. We choose what we wish to experience. We give out direct vibrations whether we are conscious of them or not. What are we giving out? Let’s think about it now as we head into these powerful Uranus/ Pluto squares. Let’s take responsiblity for our actions, feelings, thoughts and decisions right now. We have two years of these squares that test our own personal waters.

This is a powerful time. This year is a powerful year. It is time for the human race to grow up and evolve and that is why we are being pushed, almost bombarded, by the Universe with these astrological configurations. To really ease our way through this keyhole, let’s really develope our sense of humor. Laugh at the folly ahead.  Attitude is everything and the attitude of gratitude is NOW.

(The above image is St. Anthony’s Well- a wayside shrine in Wales.)


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