Embracing Change

Hands of God! Another Miracle!

For all of us change is not always easy.  Those of us who have fire auspiciously placed in our astrology charts have a better chance of moving through change quickly.  Yet, change is the great constant in this life, in any life.  If change is treated as the key ingredient in our grand adventure called ‘life’, we learn to embrace it.  We even look forward to change though it may involve loss.  Nothing is ever lost, only gained.

Allowing is the name of this game.  Whenever we allow something or someone to leave our lives we create a magic hole, a vacuum, that will attract what we need.  Spaces must be filled.  The Divine rewards us with amazing abundance if we let go.  The Universe fills the empty space if we move forward boldly, letting go of people, places and things that no longer serve us.  We must develop faith and trust beyond evidence.  We must trust in the invisible.  Embracing and appreciating change as a constant in our lives brings us peace, fulfillment and eases a heavy heart.

Change creates space so something else or someone else can enter

There are different stages of release contained in change.  When we release struggle then regeneration can occur in our lives.  Our feeling nature strengthens and we open our hearts to not knowing everything.  That is the one thing we can all agree on.  We never can know everything.  There is always mystery.  Isn’t that grand??

The great step forward on any spiritual path is to accept the unknown.  Let ambiguity becomes a dear friend.  It is in this place of not knowing that miracles occur.  The time of miracles on earth is here!  Listen with your heart.

Miracles are all around you, and always have been, yet now they manifest at mach speed if we EMBRACE CHANGE!!!!

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