Emotional Cleansing


Emotional Cleansing


This is THE essential cleansing component necessary for psychic development.  Many people are willing to address the other cleansings yet are reluctant to take on this challenge even though the pain, and subsequent addictions to relieve that pain, are damaging their functional lives and happiness.  Sometimes, when we really address these issues we find that a total revamping of our lives, jobs, friends, lovers and even marriage partners can and must takes place.  This can be scary.  It is not always this harsh, yet I believe those with the most powerful psychic gifts often have the most emotional cleansing.  The reasons behind this are as individual and personal as the billions of people on the planet yet here are some reasons to ponder. 

1.  Before we agreed to reincarnate, we decided to take the fast track to achieve our missions so we actually planned the pain that we endured in childhood to keep ourselves open and our psychic gifts, that we brought in with us, alive. (Most people close down!)

2.  To achieve our missions we agreed to speed through the karma left over from past lives so we had to pay back alot of people to achieve maximum strength.

3.  This is our last life here so we are extra sensitive thus extra psychic.

There are many free programs out there for addictions that address core emotional conditions brought into adulthood from childhood.  Past life regression and shamanic soul retrieval can also be necessary to address past life blockages: those hard to break and very frustrating emotional situations that keep recurring in our lives.  Constant chakra balancing is also helpful during emotional cleansing to keep grounded because each time we remove a blockage, more gifts appear and we can become giddy or delusional.

I can also recommend a book that is really an emotional health journal.

***YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE by Louise Hay is a gentle and comforting companion during this stage of emotional cleansing.

Undertaking emotional cleansing takes courage because we are literally acknowledging, observing and processing our pain, putting it in a compartment and then moving past it.  We are forgiving ourselves and those others involved in past dramas.  Most importantly, we are taking responsibility for every experience in our lives and conceding that it makes us whole and who we are today when we turn it into strength and joy.  This ability to forgive and move on without regret or remorse is a true healing.  The more we heal the more gifts are revealed and the more joyful and thankful we feel.  It is as simple as that!

*I must attach a warning here.  We can keep reliving the pain and never get to the point of forgiveness.  This can have adverse effects on our bodies just as repressing the pain can hurt us physically.  This is where victim consciousness must be addressed in a gentle, non-blaming way.  After all, it was taught to us early on and has become an unconscious habit.  If you are having trouble forgiving you may need more aggressive guidance. Handing over difficult situations, past or present, to your angelic guides is not only comforting but a realistic solution.

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