Evolution at Warp Speed!


Here we are in March 2012 about to enter the full moon cycle.  We are joining our hearts and our minds now as the energy around us picks up speed once again with this augmented full moon.

What astounds me, as we move through this period, is the splitting of worlds happening all around me.  Some people are totally unaware that anything is different because they are so immersed in their own worlds that they rarely look up.  Others are on the fast track to healing just about everything in their worlds.  Others have escalated health crises and other big wake-up calls.  Then, there is the growing population of aware human beings that are having a blast.  The conscious young ones are up for the ride of their lives and the artists, poets, musicians, writers, singers, actors, dancers, and sensitives are busy doing, being, laughing, and crying in the moment and overjoyed that their time has finally arrived!

This ‘stay in the moment’ stuff can be irritating to those of us who are mind oriented or trained at an early age to avoid the present at all costs because we perceived it as negative.  We floated into future daydreaming or past reminiscence because it felt safe there.  Well, guess what?  We now have a grand shakeup, 2012 galactic alignments that only happen every 26,000 years.  We are so challenged to stay present in the present to see the presents!  That right, the miracles. 

So, again, slow down.  Enjoy your drive to work.  Enjoy the little things Mother Nature sends our way every minute.  Enjoy fresh air.  Breathe deeply and realize the miracle in that!  Enjoy your morning walk and be grateful for your two most important doctors, your left leg and your right leg.  Listen for the call to stretch the doctors!  Run with small children and watch them.  Their focus is always in the present.  What great teachers they are!  Live and love boldly like little children.

Be a leader without followers.  Stop playing it safe.  There is no safety except in the present moment anyway.  The call of this initiating full moon, which will induce this energy all month, is the integration of energy waves of empowerment and leadership that may be fatiguing at times.  Stretch the doctors and take them on a long walk!  Rest.  Revitalize.  Renew.

Spring is already humming itself into being.  Enjoy the weeding.  Mine are sprouting desert flowers and courting bees!  What a great time to BEE alive! 

Plant your garden, metaphorically and literally.  What do you really desire next?  Plan out your next move and don’t forget to celebrate the Spring Equinox on March 19/20.  Check out the Solar Wave at   www.alunajoy.com

We are all a global family now so let the green shine thru!

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