Falling into Love for 2013

Now that all the fanfare about the end of 2012 is over and we find ourselves still here and eager for 2013, let’s look at the options ahead of us!

Energetically and astrologically we are challenged to master ourselves.  The heightened vibrations and massive solar activity of 2013 tells us that we are being propelled into this mastery with astounding speed this year.  Situations will arise in all of lives that will define us, open our hearts and lead us to give of ourselves in new ways.

What do you want to contribute this year?

What do you want to see, hear, and feel in this new year? How do you wish to touch the Earth and your fellow beings this year?

The theme of 2013 is to be gentle with ourselves and others, all the kingdoms of the Earth and Gaia herself.

There is so much glorification of the negative, we must counteract this by glorifying the positive in our lives. This makes us the examples for others still struggling in polarity consciousness. This is the old energy. It is falling away at an excelerated pace.

Sure, if we are still hooked into the media we see the falling apart and falling away in alarming ways. Yet, if we spend more time in nature, enjoying the simple things and immersing ourselves in the grand cycles of life right where we are, we open our hearts to the NOW.  This precious time is ours to live as we choose. Discounting the grandeur of simple things is a mass entrainment now falling away as if a veil has been lifted to reveal a new realitiy. This is the new world, seen individually, when we make the conscious choice to live in the higher vibrations.  The higher vibrations of love, non-judgement, acceptance, gratitude, mindfulness, peace, joy, and laughter!

We are now challenged to stand tall. BE peace, joy, harmony and love.

We are now challenged to work together to build new ways of being in this world.

We are now challenged to form a global community of love.

We are now challenged to be examples of LIGHT.

So, 2013 is the year of Falling into Love even though many of us will trip and fall into it by accident, if you believe in those!

Let’s be gentle with ourselves to get used to this higher vibration created by intense solar activity. Slow down and walk in nature, listen to gentle music, interact with gentle people and most of all think and act with mindfullness.

We are all gentle souls once stripped of our protective garments. This year, 2013, is designed to continue that trend of dismanteling our defense mechanisms. Most of us think we have shed it all, ah, yet there are more layers to go. This next layer of cleansing will be deep and penetrating. Welcome it! This is the natural process of evolution.

Remember, we are on the cusp of evolutionary breakthroughs in 2013! The breakthroughs lie within each of us! Manifest!

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