February Leo Full Moon/V.Day/Retros


I am majorly late with this and feeling the impact of Mars retrograde and Saturn retrograde.  What a power punch to slow us all down! So, many practical things rear the heads at the moment for us all to deal with and take care of that some of the personal goals we had set for ourselves have to be pushed back.

Why is this?  We are morphing.  Our bodies are changing to except more light which is pouring onto the planet at this time.  We are challenged to integrate it into our lives, and so must put this as a priority now.  Our self care is on the table.  Up front and center.  What are we doing?  What are we feeling?  Slow down and find out!

The Leo Full Moon is all about placing our attention on heart centered activities yet the negative side of this is egocentric behavior that seems to rear its ugly head in the most inappropriate ways.  We must check ourselves, patrol our self-centered thoughts and feelings to see if they are ruining our relationships.   Are we really there for our friends or are we just blowing smoke and saying things they want to hear yet not following through with these things.  We must honor our promises to ourselves and others.  We must value our friendships or they will fade away.

What is ssooooooooooooooooooooooo important that we neglect our friendships?  Think about this now, please.

This is very creative year yet many are feeling spacey, indecisive, out of it and just plain overwhelmed at this point in the year.  There is a grand re-ordering of everything worldwide. These are exciting times yet we all have to embrace change to enjoy the ride.  Not always an easy thing to do for many.  Yet, there is no choice now.  We must move forward as a collective into a new world. 

This new world is ushered in with Neptune entering Pisces.  Neptune has not arrived in Pisces for 165 years and will stay in this sign for 14 years.  This is a BIG change for the world.  One of the many reasons that many are feeling spacey.  If you are not a water sign, or have very little water in your chart, you may have to take time to integrate this aspect into your being and life.  Water signs, or those of us with massive water in their charts, are partying down at last!!!!!

Neptune in Pisces heralds in a heart based, intuitive society that values the beauty of our world and wants to preserve it.  Artists of all kinds thrive in this atmosphere and we are just at the beginning of this time!  What beauty will you create within these next 14 years???

We also have Mars retrograde and Saturn retrograde.  These two masterful planets also patrol our energy and discipline (blissapline as Star so aptly puts it!) to get things done.  So, when these two planets move backwards we are challenged to have patience, fortitude, take care of our bodies and not engage in arguments that could escalate with both these planets retrograde at the same time.

Lastly, Valentine’s Day went by me in a flurry of activity!  Everyday could be Valentine’s Day now.  I don’t mean the commercialized misrepresentation of this day.  I mean the ancient, earth centered day celebrating LOVE.  LOVE for ourselves, each other, all the animals, planets, rocks, trees, flowers, insects, fungi, bacteria, molecules and grand, magical elements ( Earth, Air, Fire and Water) that make up our amazing world here on Gaia.  What do you say????  Why not celebrate every day as if it were Valentine’s Day?

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