Fire Moon

So much has been said about this Aries Full Moon to scare the crap out of everyone! Methinks we are still waiting for the other shoe to drop in this revolutionary, evolutionary year 2012.

Yes, this moon aspects almost every planet and yes this has been another gamechanger month with many planets changing signs or moving forward, solar flare activity, new comets found out there and star formations reoccuring from ancient times. Yes, we have had the second snap of the whip Pluto/ Uranus square. So, yes, these are challenging times because change is everywhere… yet miraculous new alignments are occuring right before our eyes in all departments of our lives if we slow down and look up at our glorious world.

Let us not forget that the amazing Autumnal Equinox heralded in this cosmic bonfire moon. We are living our lives by the moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices just like the ancients. This turning of the wheel of seasons connects us to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Without this dynamic connection with nature the human race is lost… has lost its way. We are finding out way again only we are not going backwards yet forward into time that no longer exists! A truly wild ride!

All these grand shifts are parting the energetic seas and making way for that which is only aligned with the LOVE vibration. To stay in the LOVE vibration and to actually raise our earthly foundations to meet this new energy we are challenged to practice non-judgement, acceptance, and allowing.

The only way to do this is to let others experience their own reality, their own choices. We must step back now and LOVE others so much that we allow them to be sovereign. Even if this looks like tough love sometimes. The over-helping must stop, the unwanted interference is sooooooooo unwanted and really not needed now because these gamechanging times are here to stay.

Being an Aries myself, I have taken this time as a great initiation in my life. So, the five days before the Aries full moon and the five days after are special days for me where I let go of the glamour of the past and look ahead to find my next calling. I slow down and consciously do less and honor those people who support me, get me, laugh with me not at me and love me. All the others in my life, I let go their own way without resistance.  I suppose, I am loving myself so much that I do not let others errode my confidence in me because I realize that their pain is not mine.

Once you understand that most people are projecting their own pain onto you, you can shake it off. You can laugh it off. You can experience real emotional freedom. I believe this is the true awakening of this grand shift of 2012 and the promise of this Full Moon in Aries. This fire moon is unpredictable because it illuminates Spirit, the unseen, that which lies below the surface yet burns brightly within.

Take some time in the next few days for a personal ritual. Meditate with a candle. Dance around a bonfire on the beach. Walk an illuminated labrinth. Let the fire in our hearts move us forward into action instead of the frillfull, lost dreams in our heads.




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