Flashpoint Full Moon

This is an extraodinary full moon in Libra.  It signals another blastoff point for humanity.  Tranformative winds of change sweep the planet all month.

It is time to change or be changed!

Living in love is the name of this game and this full moon in Libra augments the rules.

The sacred feminine has been active for awhile in society yet now the sacred masculine gets a great nudge to protect life, rather than destroy it. Both masculine and feminine work together is perfect balance to co-create a peaceful, creative society. We are working toward this ideal and it is not a fantasy. There are signs.   Look for them in the news and in our own lives.

This full moon in Libra helps us to transform disempowering beliefs and trust that something better will appear if we let go. There really is no choice now. We are on the road to transformation as a world society. Evolution is happening at excelerated intervals and this is one of them! Embrace it.

Let’s love our way through this time.  We can let go of the dramas that no longer serve us and realize that self discovery is really a commitment to service. For when we really commit to this path, it heals not only ourselves but all those around us.  We walk in peace and others are naturally drawn to us. We are beakons of light, ports in a storm, safehouses, sunshine on a cloudy day!

Is there a better way of serving our fellow man?  We got this!


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