Full Faux Blue Moon

 Technically, this is not really a Blue Moon even though it is the 2nd full moon in a month and often referred to as such. The ancients referred to four full moons in a season, instead of three, as a Blue Moon.  The next real Blue Moon is August 21, 2013! This is a wakeup call to research whatever is spread on the internet!!!!

However, this is a power punch full moon in Pisces. A water moon. I am crushin on this full moon!All the planets tango with this full moon and it amps up the continuing theme of intense change which leads us all into September 2012. It’s time to move on up! Reconcile, let go, loosen up, lighten up and live it up! Yes, these are exciting times. So, exciting, in fact, that we have to remain grounded or we can fly right off center with all the energy coming at us now.

There is no more sitting on the fence and watching the show. We all have to choose a path for ourselves now. No more TV tray lives!  This is getting serious. It’s the last few months of 2012 and we are in the thick of letting go of anything and everything that is not working for us.

We are being urged at amplified levels to LIVE BIG, LIVE OUR TRUTH, and that takes guts!

To know yourself, be yourself and go public with your GODself is mandatory. ACT! Take action. Be the change you want to see in the world!  The Great Awakening, The Shift of the Ages, The NOW Age, is US!  We are making it happen and astrologically we are all being pushed to get out there like a spiritual bootcamp! So, choose a way to make a difference and do it! Enough ear-banging already! GET OUT THERE! NOW!

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