Full Moon in Capricorn





This is an ambitious moon which also cautions us to hone our sense of humor and be flexible.

I felt this moon coming days before it grew full.  I had a few sleepless nights where my thoughts were centered on how I could make better decisions, simplify my life, do one thing at a time through to completion and make everything I do an art project including my relationships!

There has been so much change in my life that I no longer see it as scary or difficult but as a way of life that ushers in the next experiences, people, places, and things that will help me grow. I am hearing first hand, from my international clients, the great worldwide shifting that started its grand exceleration in 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence and culminates in this next 6 month period. So, these moons ending this year 2012 are very potent.

For myself, I have situated myself, by many strange and wonderous synchronized events, in a place where I feel very safe, protected and comfortable so I can finally get something done! I believe this is the first order of business for most. Without some sort of home base we are always yearning. We are not in the NOW and not appreciating what we have. We are only seeing what we lack. This sense of only being happy when we achieve some goal, get some person or thing or move somewhere else is an emotional disease installed within us from our techno age society. It constantly flashes buy, get, eat, see, run, work, work WORK!! We are bombarded by images every minute of our day and night unless we make the conscious decision to turn off this constant media kaos.  Let’s choose what and how much is healthy in this massive media hodgepodge.

There is a great clearing and rearranging of priorities worldwide. This Capricorn full moon moon is illuminating the core issue- Are we living in our heads, our egos or is our life a true expression of who we are in essence?

I read an online article where JOY was associated with distraction. I think the author was referring to instant self- gratification such as video games, food, all media and any and all addictions. Yet, this article got my attention because to accomplish something and make a difference there will be challenges, setbacks, disappointments, distractions and alot of redoing. To achieve something that is of value we must enjoy the journey because it may lead us into territory we had not anticipated. There is no instant gratification when we choose to really pursue a task deeply. Yet, there is great fullfilment. I believe this is what is missing from most people’s lives at the moment. I believe this is why there is such a rapid exceleration and rearranging of priorities. We want to feel fulfilled. We need to feel fulfilled.

This full moon in Capricorn is moving us all towards fullfillment in relationships, work, local, personally and spiritually. We may be needing to release what does not fulfil us to make room for that which will. Be flexible. Flex that sense of humor. Let’s be grateful each morning, each evening and throughout each day for what we have right now! We are on a grand adventure and everyone is necessary, everyone makes a difference. UNIFY!


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