This week on June 4th, 2012 we have the Lunar Eclipse of the full moon in Gemini, followed by Venus crossing the Sun on June 6 all embedded in the Venus retrograde, also in Gemini, plus all aspects created by these amazements in the sky. All in all, this is a game changing week astrologically, energetically and historically! Why historically? Venus will not cross the sun again in most of our lifetimes.

All this action portends the great rising of the feminine globally and the distinct possibility of a kinder, gentler more heart based world.  This is the portal, doorway or rabbit hole if we choose to embark upon this grand adventure. It is a personal choice because it bottomlines to giving up our addiction to pain!

Giving up an addiction is not easy. There are fits and starts, triumphs and dissappointments yet we have here at the threshold of this game changing doorway the certainty of miracles if we choose to flow with this energy. The blessings from our own personal AGS, Angelic Guidance Systems, are massiive now.  We are co-creating, whether we are conscious of it or not. Time to admit that we are not alone, in fact, time to connect. It is when we connect that the miracles occur in our lives.

It takes courage to believe in miracles. It takes courage to believe in the unknown. It takes self-vigilance, self-perseverence and most of all self-knowlege.  Taking full resposibility for our actions, words and thoughts is a full time, and aften humbling, job! There is little room for laziness unless we want to keep getting bit in the butt!

Where is the fun in all this, you ask?  Well, there IS a learning curve here.  Either we want to learn how to co-create and keep learning about ourselves, exploring, delving into this life adventure, manuvering out of our comfort zones and basically treating this life, we are blessed to be living, as the grand adventure it is or not and remain stuck and in pain.

This earth dance is moving into yet another higher gear. We are shifting into anti-drive. Spirit HAS the wheel. We ARE co-creating with our actions, words and thoughts.  Let’s all take responsibility for ourselves NOW and co-create the lives and world that we desire!




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