Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

We are finally drifting out of the energetic wobble between the last powerful eclipses of 2012. What a wild ride this is! I was personally overcome with low energy and had to snuggle down in my flannel sheets alot.  The combination of the full moon release cycle and the lunar eclipse, which excelerates all this releasing, on top the colder weather of the approaching winter soltice is a major energetic slow down.

All this action or non-action can be frustrating especially if we have not discovered the miracles that hide within patience. Yes, here is that word PATIENCE again!  This seems to be a major learning for us all at this time.

Things in our personal lives seem to be on hold even as the miracles are occuring beneath the surface where we can only feel them instead of see them.

The way we LOVE is changing. The way we communicate this LOVE is changing. There is no more giving only to get in return. We are being urged to give unconditionally to those in need however we can. We must know in our hearts that we will be supported in all ways if we do this.

GIVE LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY! What does this mean? How do we do this? Is this even possible?

In a world full of scams and scammers, it is obvious that when we are asked for something we have to consider the source and determine for ourselves the validity. Yet, if we choose ourselves, without being asked or petitioned. If we give randomly to situations and people truly in distress and make a habit of this, things in our local vicinity will change. What if everyone did this? Wow! What if we all took care of each other? I believe this is what the future looks like. Community. Kindness. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

This last eclipse cycle has moved the world into a new way of being. It is preparing the stage for the grand alignment December 21/22 2012 which will totally cement new possibilities into our world. Rest up!!!



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