As I work my way through Rhonda Byrne’s last book “MAGIC”, I am heartened to know that millions of people around the globe are doing the same thing! We are all practicing gratitude. Wow! I am excited and very grateful for Rhonda Byrne at this moment because she is helping to tip the consciousness of the world in the kindest direction with her great following of worldwide fans who are actively participating in their soul growth and evolution. It is no accident that this new book hit the stands when it did.

There are many people working hard to tip the scales of consciousness so we can all move into the higher vibrations together.  The astrological agenda is compatible with this.  We can be held on the wheel of karma by relying too heavily on astrology, after all it is just a tool, a map not the territory, so whether you believe in the heavenly movements as catalysts for our lives or not, we all believe in gratitude!

Gratitude, being thankful, is universal.  It is the core of all religions. It is like breathe, we cannot live without it.