Horse Power

I have lived up here on the Whale’s Tail ( Oak Creek winds around all sides of our plateau) for three years come the end of this month. Settling in was a pure culture shock at first. Arriving from SoCAL, and living at the beach, was in direct contrast to this desert life and it has taken this long to realize that I adore it up here even though I am a landlocked mermaid!

My wild and domesticated animal encounters started immediately since I live on a large piece of undisturbed desert property. It is really a sanctuary and safe haven for wildlife and they know it!

We are vegans up here and I try not to wear any leather ( hard in the winter) so that the scent of safety is radiated out onto the property.  It is working. That, and the Irish chants and Celtic harp music that I use outside when I do weeding, pruning or any property maintenence.

So, the other day, I was busy painting when I looked up and outside my straw bale art studio where two very large horses. No saddles. A beautiful black stallion and his blonde girlfriend were grazing on the new crop of greenery that popped up overnight after a heavy monsoon rain.  These two horses have been over to my property before yet their owner was running after them that time. He went missing this day.

I opened a window and asked them what they were doing over here? They sauntered over to the window and nudged the screen then ambled north. I immediately knew they had come over to see Happy.

Happy is the spirited Palamino living in a lovely corral adjacent to the north side of my property. I could hear her whinny with delight. Grabbing a hat and running past my casita up to the corral, I was greeted by all three horses. I stopped and stood very still, because they were frozen and all staring at me with large, liquid eyes.  They were probably wondering why I decided to crash their party.  Even I was not sure why I was there.  I just knew something was up!

The black stallion walked slowly up to me after a monumental pause. Horses are so telepathic, they were all reading my mind! I have to think back to my thoughts in that longass pause. I guess I was just thinking how gorgeous they all were and how happy Happy looked.  She is such a good girl and deserves friends of her own kind. We humans all spoil her with treats yet she has no animal company except Kiva Rose, a black and white spaniel mix.

Back to the moment when the black stallion walked up to me. I will call him Hercules because as he moved close to me, I was struck with his overwhelming size and the muscular power he possessed. He walked up to me very daintily so as not to scare me. His eyes were so wise and inquisitive so I stroked his nose gently, after he nudged me. I told him that Happy wanted some attention from him. Immediately, he turned and went over to the fence to commune with Happy.  She was so excited that she did her Happy dance and Hercules did a major kick that almost brought the enclosure down to set her free.

Hercules was amassing a harem! I was a clueless matchmaker! He already had Blondie, yet had designs on Happy now. Uh, oh! Usually by this time his owner would have appeared to retrieve the wayward horses. But no! He looked guiltily at me after that kick and Blondie let out a small horse sound then galloped through my mesquite park out onto the gravel road. She was now in a jealous snit after realizing that she was the ‘other horse’! Hercules watched Blondie go then looked hungrily at Happy who is a young virgin Palamino. Uh, oh! Hercules stood up on his hind legs with a mighty thunderous, indignant horse roar. He ran off after Blondie, yet had time to pause long enough to leave a huge sload of horse crap on my gravel driveway!

So now, what do I think all this means? Or does this mean anything at all? Is this just another day of desert country living?

This ( horses running through my property) has only happened twice since I have been up here.  The first time heralded in a powerful experience in my life, as an observer.  Now, in this mercury retrograde, it a has happened again yet this time I am not just an observer, I am a participant!  Mmmmmm!

Bring it on!





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