How much LOVE do you put into what you do?

The new moon is surfing our atmosphere today.  This period of time, roughly the next fifteen days, has a busy, get down to work vibe. Yet, now is the time to consider how much love we put into what we do everyday.

Out actions define who we are. We are challenged now to make a difference in every action we take.  Whether small or large, our daily actions tell the story of our lives.  We are what we do, think, feel, say. Let’s stop a minute and consider how we represent LOVE in our daily actions.

This New Moon challenges us to change our relationship to power.

Hasn’t the old energy of rushing, pushing, worrying and judging constantly drained us of our real purpose to transform everything into LOVE? Hasn’t this draining energy deflected our commitment to the truth in our souls? Hasn’t this negative approach to getting things done distracted us from evolving as human beings?

The feminine energy is rising on this planet to meet the masculine and join it in a balanced way so neither is overpowered by the other. To really absorb this new energy and feel energized by it instead of drained,  we must stop pushing, battling, forcing. We can join gently with this dynamic energy by allowing, flowing, being present, forgiving and most of all by being in gratitude as much as possible.

There is so much magic on our planet now as time shifts and dimensions collide. We can tap into this magic by flowing with the changes that the intense solar flare activity stimulates into high gear. We have a two year period ahead of us of fast, furious changes.  These can be exhilerating if we tap into the magic within every situation. Let’s do that. Commit to that. Bring it!

Let’s look at our day and find the LOVE in every action we take. This can be challenging or a fun experiment that livens our day!

How will you bring more LOVE into every action you take today??


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