At this 2013 Sagittarius New Moon we are confronted with our best selves after diving deep into Scorpio waters, recognizing the Saboteur and the Shadow and then seeing the positive aspects of both.  We are now burning in Sagittarius bonfires of fun and celebration after shedding more unnecessary and burdensome armor that has prevented us from expressing our authentic selves.

It is time to fall in love with ourselves for good!  As we move into higher, finer vibrations of love and light, we send out powerful signals with our thoughts and feelings.  We have become magnets.  True love is recognized in this rarefied atmosphere and the Divine attaches more love to it.  All good things that belong to us come to us with ease whem we stay in this positive bubble!  Immediate feedback is what we are experiencing based on vibration= thoughts and feelings.  Action becomes the intuitive Divine inspiration that comes last.

Of course, if we are not feeling love all the time, the place to return to first, is self-love. Any negative feelings spring from a deep root within that is only truly satisfied by self-love. No-one or no-thing but YOU can heal YOU!  Our connection to the Divine within each of us is becoming ever more available.  Considering the mirror effect is also speeding up, events and others will show us how we feel about ourselves at any given time.  This can be challenging or we can choose to take responsibility, ( the ability to act) raise our vibration and treat this as the learning curve that it is. 

We are in PLANETARY training!!!  Life is ongoing, changing, shifting, morphing and so are we!  Crossing into this new moon of probabilities,  possibilities and startling’ Aha’s’ is year-end magic if we can slow down and feel it.  Most of all, let’s truly love ourselves.  Remember, there is only one YOU!  The most important love affair we will ever experience in this life is with ourselves.  When we have truly fallen in love with ourselves then deep soul love with another is inevitable AND the cherry on top of this life!!!

Embrace the mystery of life and we enter this new territory together.  We have opportunities to blaze new trails with a JOY that lifts the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.  This life is heading into the stars, my friends!  Let’s open our minds, master our four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ) and be SUPERBEINGS.  Ho!


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