Light is Our Focus

 Now that we have traveled through the Eclipse season, the Grand Cross and a multitude of aspects, Mars retrograde is winding down.  This is the last two weeks of MR and its indecisive, emotional flare-ups and stop/start non-action is probably got us wondering when this Year of the Green Horse will rev up!

Let go!  That is the guidance here.  Focus on peace, joy and gratitude.  This is the evolution of beauty in our spiritual path.  We are able to access both the intuitive abilities of the feminine as well as deep wisdom from the wise masculine within us.  That marriage was achieved with the push from this powerful eclipse season. We are challenged to tap into this blessing.  This takes conscious alone time and a slower lifestyle to really realize its full potential.

There have been many unrealistic interpretations and expectations of this powerful, unprecedented time.  Stay balanced, grounded and earth-centered.  It is Gaia herself who leads us on this evolutionary journey.

Without knowing the full range of human expression we have no foundation for compassion.  Feel everything, except everything.  

Our purpose is to know the Divine within the experience of being human.

Let us humbly pursue the magic of these times as our manifestations arrive in speedy fashion as of June.  We are being purified to let Spirit guide us.  We are open vessels now.  Let us create Divine manifestations with abundant thoughts.

Please hold peace, joy and gratitude in our hearts as we travel into the Summer Solstice.

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