Listening to Inner Guidance vs Driven by Ego

These days are very intense for most people. Yet, there seems to be a common theme running through the ethers. That theme is a letting go into the Divine within us. What does that mean?

Sometimes we want something so much that we are willing to compromise our very being, our very soul to attain it. Whether it be prestige, money, a marriage partner or love interest, our freedom, or some material object we think we should have, in the past we have muscled our way to get it. This will not work now. Now we are operatng on a different energetic wavelength.

We are moving from carbon-based beings to cobalt beings. We are morphing inside and out. This is evolution at mach speed. To achieve this not so distant goal, we are re-aligning with our souls, the Divine within us. How are we doing this? By making a conscious decision to master all departments of our lives.  If we do not make this descision consciously, if we remain stubbornly asleep, wish to remain in the past or long for the ‘good old days’ we are NOT embracing change. We are fighting it. It is here no matter what.

We cannot ignore this intense energetic movement which is playing out all around us. Fighting change or trying to ignore it will only result in pain.

Mastering all departments of our lives means aligning them ALL with the Divine with us. Soul alignment. This is what is happening now. Bottomline: Anything that does not resonate with our souls, the Divine within us, goes!

This may look chaotic in our personal lives if we choose to fight it or ignore it. If we choose to see the ‘Big Picture’ and know that release will make an immediate space for Soul Alignment we are at peace with all the changes in our lives.

So the thing to ask ourselves when we are in the midst of fighting for/against something or someone or trying to ignore our gut feelings about something/ someone is: Are we holding on to an ego driven action? If so, there is some hidden agenda in ourselves. Struggle is an indication that we are in resistance to the Divine within us. Letting go of the struggle creates inner peace.

This is just as true in relationships as in doing business. Everything is changing now. If you are not authentic and heart- centered you will remain in the struggle. The answer to this simple question will bring resolution to any situation- WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?

Let’s take time to ponder this question all throughout our day.


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