Living in Ecstasy


The witchy New Moon in Libra has illuminated the need to live in ecstasy.  Ecstasy is the highest form of joy.  With this new moon, we usher in new forms of relating to each other, all beings and our environment, locally and globally.  This means new ways of relating romantically as well.

Radiating ecstasy with all of life, not just the parts or peeps we like or love, takes an examination of the dark side of our own beings.  Yes, that instinctual nature that most of us repress in civilized life.  This is not the dark, unhealthy, crazy-making stuff, rather, it is what lives in our instinctual depths that we tend to deny to get along, fit in, be part of ‘society’!

Walk on the earth barefoot to restore your balance and joy.

It takes courage to ride that horse of ecstasy- the last wild ride before our passage into enlightenment.   We are already enlightened yet most have forgotten.  If we lived in our true wisdom every moment, we would be living in ecstasy.  We would be mastering this earth existence and demonstrating our abun-dance to ourselves and all those observing.  This is what is being asked of us now.

Demonstrate our Mastery.  Live in Ecstasy.  See only Beauty.  Feel only Love.  Let Love take Dominion over the world.  Bring it!!!

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