Living Through the Heart

Call to be a Muse of LoveWe are living in tumultuous times. We can rationalize these things and attempt to do business as usual yet it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the daily weather. Literal super- weather in our own backyards is now the norm: floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, active volcanoes, droughts, fires, earthquakes, sink holes that can swallow three story buildings, and melting icebergs the size of whole countries  threaten to overwhelm our oceans and our coasts. These things top a growing list of weather concerns that rage across our planet. To add to this natural mayhem we have created a man-made disaster of mammoth proportions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, here is the good news. We can see this as the end of this world as we know it and we would be correct. Things will only change more. Also, we can know that this is the planetary cleansing needed before we enter a new, better, kinder world. This is where we can actually do something constructive to herald in this new, better, kinder world. Instead of panicking, becoming suicidal or going all survivalist and building an ark we can become Muses of Love.

First, we must master living through the heart to become a Muse of Love. Instead of using our minds to process people, places and things we can travel down to heart feelings. Reactions turn into actions here. To start this gentle process, walk in natural settings in silence. Let beauty effect you. Breathe. Be grateful for the natural world. Be one with the natural world. Send messages of gratitude and reverence to the Divine creator for all that you see.

The more human beings who show love and gratitude to our beautiful, green planet, to Gaia, the more graceful and gentle the transition of earth movements. The more centered we become by living through our hearts, the less reactive we become to people, places and things. The more heartfelt our decisions, the smaller our ecological footprints on Gaia. She will rejoice and reward us ten times over.

Become a Muse of Love. Live through the heart. Today!

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