Love is in the Air!

Solar Eclipse/ Scorpio New Moon

4:50 am and Daylight Savings Time

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This is a grand turning point with a rare hybrid Eclipse in Scorpio sitting on the New Moon today.

We received the theme of 9 on last Friday’s fourth Uranus /Pluto square.  There were so many aspects and planets positioned on the 9th degree, the day itself was a nine, and this theme resonates in everyone’s personal astrology chart if you have planets hanging on the 9th degree.

The number 9 explores the themes of completion, healing and invites the harvest into our lives.  It is the end of a great numerological cycle that ends in 9 then reboots over and over in our lives.  Bottom-line : The ancient Chaldeans believed that we live our lives by cycles of 9!

Because of all this nine activity in the skies and because this is 9 year for me as well, I have done alot of research into the number nine way before the above happenings.  Here is some bottom line info that may be helpful.

Nine is the number of service.  Words that break to a 9 are:


By respecting the Law of Love and Service and practicing humility we are turning passion into compassion.

More words breaking to 9 are: DIVINE TIMING, THE HUMANITARIAN.

A complete cycle of growth has been attained as we move past the number nine and we, as a global civilization, are motivated to take the next step in understanding the Self in relation to the Divine!

A global graduation is happening right now!!!  Let’s Celebrate!!!!

*A small caveat about HUMILITY.  To keep growing we must protect that which we have gained.  Let us look to the real, grounded people who have actually moved our civilization forward sometimes without fanfare, fame or riches.  Let’s remember: “The Higher ya go, the harder ya fall.”

The real goal, in this evolution game, is to allow the DIVINE to work through us so wherever we are… we Radiate Love!!!!

The HOPE and PROMISE of this Eclipse is to create new foundations for further growth on higher octaves.

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