Lovin You

I had a great run in at the Sedona Spa with a small, very funny and very conscious woman from Pennsylvania. Alot of people come through there from all over the country and the world to have nurturing treatments from their excellent staff and use the stellar facilities.

I had just come out of the salt water pool after enjoying the Italian contingency.  Their rapid fire Italian was breathtaking and hard to follow. Yet, I did pickup enough to know that the large family in the pools were having a great time in Sedona!

So, here I am in the women’s locker room and this small, very light bubble of a woman is searching for a comb. (Combs in the ancient mystery teachings were symbols for self-reliance and self-esteem.) I immediately knew she was going to be interesting so I happily directed her to the sauna and steam rooms. When she emerged, she was chatty and I was moisturizing.

The Sedona Spa Diva started talking about the love affair she was having with herself which had prompted her trip to Sedona. We joked about never going back after we fell in love with ourselves.

This is soooooooooooooo true! Once we really love ourselves and truely know ourselves, everything changes. We no longer except places, situations and people that do not resonate with our true being. Our choices are more in line with our soul purpose. Life becomes an adventure. Things taste better! We are happier! We meet happy people!

Of course, this love affair is neverending and requires a real commitment!  If we can commit to ourselves, we then can commit to others and draw those who understand commitment to us, male and female.  We start to understand that commitment to ourselves comes first before any other choice we might make. We can think and do for ourselves first without guilt. We love and nurture ourselves first.  We know that to help others we must help ourselves first. Really loving ourselves cuts out any over-committing we may have made in the past because we were still pleasing others to be loved and liked by them then instead of pleasing ourselves and liking and loving ourselves!

This can and does apply to young mothers and parents of all ages. Do less in a day. Build your priority list and stick to it as much as you can. Most importantly make time in your day for yourself. Laugh as much as possible. Is that the key or what? Let’s love ourselves, and remember, that may mean saying NO, alot!

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