Master Moon

 The moon is my master teacher. We can think of all 10 planets in our personal astrology chart as our teachers yet the placement of one or more planets becomes paramount to understanding our particular earth journey in this lifetime. Also, it or they, can speak of past incarnations and why it becomes important to our soul growth to learn certain things in this incarnation.

The moon is my master teacher and around full moons and new moons I get the most information and sometimes need the most rest.  The moon dictates my moods so I have finally climbed aboard my soul train. Yes, I finally have learned to time things according to the moon cycles.  Sure, I bucked this for a long time. We all tend to muscle our way through our twenties and thirties yet as we cross the age of forty we wise up to forces that are seemingly beyond our control. We learn later in life to flow instead of struggle.

Some tell me they are energized by a challenge, and I do understand this to a point, yet more and more clients are calling me with restlessness, low energy, tension for no good reason and unreasonable moodiness. Methinks it is time to wise up to the moon cycles.

Full moons, like this one on April 6, 2012, are release cycles and this one is extra powerful because it is the first of three supermoons. Supermoons orbit closest to the Earth and are in line with the Sun and Moon. This results in greater gravitational pulls on tides, tectonic plates and our emotions. So, we could find ourselves weepy, angry, restless, spoiling for a fight or so out of touch with our own emotions that we act out in many other ways for no good reason. Used positively, full moon cycles are great sacred ceremony times for gatherings, great for fininshing up projects or refining them, tuning into others with precision, cleaning out clutter in all area of our lives and communing with pets and animals.  Full moons cultivate energy then release it.

New moon cycles are best to start new projects, new jobs, new romances and new disciplines or blissaplines.

Heads up: We are headed into sacred territory where a gratitude practice is the blissapline that will carry us through these Supermoons, Eclipses and a Venus Retrograde followed by another heavy Mercury retrograde! This is a powerful combo of events that is coming our way.  Please think about the gratitude practice that is right for you.  One that fits into your day. I practice gratitude weeding,  I love my body yoga, thankyou so very much core exercises, I am so grateful hikes, Hallelu-yah-all dishwashing, gratitude singing in my car as I drive and I find the best thing in my day at sleeptime to be thankful for as I drift off. These are just a few creative examples. I am sure you can have fun with thinking up your own personalized gratitude practice.

Think about the moon cycles also. What happens to you in your life whether you plan it or not? Isn’t it time to respect and honor the moon and master Her energies?


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