Mental Cleansing

Mental Cleansing

After we decide and act to make new food choices while fortifying our bodies with energy exercise, we are challenged to rethink our mental processes.  This is not so easy because most thought mental patterns are habitual and sometimes we are not even aware of them.  Negative self thinking is the most predominant pattern that needs attention now.  We must almost monitor our thoughts to become aware of how often these negative thoughts, directed at ourselves, take place.  Once we are aware of them, we can replace the thought with positive affirmations.  At first, we may not believe these new thoughts or may think this device is impossible, yet retraining our thoughts takes time and diligence.  Also, if we can separate our true thoughts from those that are programmed into our brains by our parents, friends, schooling, the media and past life conditioning, we may find that what is left is positive.  This really takes commitment and time.  I recommend journaling for this.

Just as dark energies are attracted to dense foods, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes because we have punctured holes in our etheric fields by using them, so it is with negative thoughts.  Whether they are directed towards ourselves or others, these thoughts hold down our energy so that more light cannot enter.  If we can replace these thoughts with positive statements, about ourselves and others, and direct our attention to the present task we are doing, and truly focus, we can begin to see and feel results.

This is where art of any kind comes in handy.  When we immerse ourselves in drawing, painting, doodling, writing, playing an instrument, singing, acting, dancing, ect., we focus profoundly and are held in the moment.  We have no time for left brain activity.  We are soundly in our right brains where the mystical can take hold and suspend time.  I am sure you have experienced this at some time.  Think back to what activity you embraced when this happened.  This activity is your own personal doorway to immersing your mind in light.  The more you can do this activity, the more you will find your positive thought patterns.

To aid in this work, try to avoid all media or cut it down to the bare minimum.  By media, I mean television, TiVO, internet, all news, magazines and any form of propaganda including social networks, constant texting and angry music.  We are saturated by communication: ads, talk, noise!  We are told who we are, what to buy, how to live, how to look, what to eat and whom to emulate constantly.  To combat this, I truly advise walking or hiking in nature alone without ear buds or any stimulation.  This will impress your senses with the natural world where we actually find the space for attuning to the unseen, truly powerful forces of this world thereby activating our own true gifts.

Once, we have slowed down our thoughts, we begin to know ourselves on a more intimate level.  Also, we are demonstrating to the Universe that we are embarking on the road to self mastery which includes psychic development.

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