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This is a flyer I used in Laguna Beach, CA when I was working there as an HHP, painting mandalas and giving angel readings.

I do miss the ocean alot! Yet, here in Sedona, I have found a great alternative: a wonderful salt water pool!

I try to swim every other day for at least an hour, sometimes more, because I never wish to get out of the pool!

For me, I find the embrace of water to be grounding. It calms my nervous system during these highly energetic times as we head toward the end of 2012.

I find swimming in salt water and flower essences, the high vibrational medicine of the 21st century, keep me grounded and joyful.

If you feel the call, swim, get in the water!!!

If you need a trauma solution or flower essense medicine and can no longer tolerate drugs look at:

Plus, I have just run across some very powerful energetic herbal remedies by meeting Gail in the pool!

For more serious physical conditions, please look at and talk to Gail!!!


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