New Moon in Cancer

The new moon has arrived. Yet, we must be conscious that  Mercury retrograde is in full gear now plus the Mars face-off with Uranus square Pluto! What does all this astro mumbo jumbo mean?


Take a look at this handy chart circulating on Pinterest. ( Not just an online shopping mall/social site, ya know!) This chart is very important. There we are at present, far left new moon and water element. The new moon in Cancer is moving respectfully and mindfully toward the full moon in the air sign of Aquarius on August 1st. You can actually configure your day, month and year by this little chart. The blissaplines of Respect, Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness and Love are the go-to words of this millinium.  This new moon in Cancer brings our emotions to the surface so we can toss out the dross then choose these qualities to achieve peace and harmony in our lives.

We all resonate to the elements and nature. Nature is the Divine in our lives. That small voice that is now becoming an inner roar can be heard more clearly in pristine places. The cathedral of Nature beckons to us all, NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!

We are all initiates doing the Earthdance. We are all evolving, consciously or not. When we invite the Divine into our lives consciously, we are asking for a graceful passage through these excelerated times. Yet, we must be willing to give up our attachment to pain, which is the unconscious path.

This new moon in Cancer can be very emotional and turbulent, a violent storm of brewing feelings.  We could be brave and dive in.  We have a grand opportunity here to submerge ourselves in Divine waters. It takes restraint, patience, focus, commitment and a great sense of humor to embrace this amazing adventure we are undertaking together on the conscious path. Of course, it sure beats the pain of sleepwalking through our initiations if go the other way! The lazy way. The unconscious way.

We are shifting from conflict to collaboration. It starts on a personal level then spreads to every corner of the globe. Baby steps! We are in a crash and burn so we can re-build period. Some things must end first so the new can emerge.  Anything that does not resonate with the Divine Love Principle goes. To flow like water through these changes we can embrace the Divine in all aspects of our lives for a graceful, joyful, harmonious life. Lets think about the changes we all need to make and plan during this time for the next big push in August. Blessing to us all as we stir the pot to create magic!!



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