New Moon in Libra

 The ongoing theme of forgiveness takes on new meaning when we apply it to all our relationships as this new moon cycle unfolds.  We may find underlying emotions drifting to the surface now to be released. We may wonder if our over-reactions to minor infractions are not based in previous unexpressed anger, resentment of trauma of some kind which we repressed knowingly or unknowingly.  This is all excelerated by swift moving energetics of planets moving into different signs, planets in multitude of aspect, and another Uranus/ Pluto square.   Fast-track evolutionary processes hurtle us, as a collective, toward another powerful eclipse cycle in November and the great shift point on December 21st, 2012.

We may be over- mediaized about all this. Yet, undeniable change is happening in all our lives and in every aspect of society locally and globally.

The grey area between the polarized opposites in each of us is our NOW point.   Just as we swing the pendulum back and forth to find our aliveness, it has come time to rest in the center. Ground in the center. BE in the center.

From this center point we can be objective, see others truly, see ourselves truly and forgive everybody including ourselves.

We are in bodies. We are human. Sure, we are morphing at an excelerated pace yet to avoid spinning out of control, going ballistic and slamming doors on everyone and everything we could slow down. Take a chill pill. See this time as the great opportunity that it is. Feel into it. LOVE this new energy. LOVE ourselves into this new energy.

Here in Sedona, the ego gets a bad rap! So many tell me that they have rid themselves of their ego yet are standing in a body before me!  How is this possible? We need our egos to remain in body. Maybe, it is just symantics and they mean they have refined their ego! This makes more sense because we are all in the process of refining our egos now, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Humbling issues around relationships could be viewed as just this, ego refinement. When it is all said and done- How do we react?  Do we use kindness towards ourselves and others or are we still trying to prove something to ourselves and others?

This new moon in Libra serves up a great helping of relationship issues. She lays them lovingly on the cosmic table! Our job is to forgive and refine our egos no matter how these issues look in our lives. We are challenged to create win/win situations.  No easy task!

Let’s be ready for our relationship challenges and meet them head on. Life is just a circle.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad.  Just better choices. Mature choices. Calm choices. Patient choices. Humanity is growing up, is all!  Its not that serious! Forgiveness involves humor. Let’s laugh at our antics and those of others and see the irony that is this glorious LIFE!

(This fabulous image is from Pinterest by Catherine Welz-Stein)

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