New Moon March Objectives

We are now traveling out of the Pisces lineup and into the Spring Equinox. Spring is coming and fast. Even though the new moon sits in Pisces, Mars has entered Aries and we are given a high octane energy boost.

March is still an introspective month yet the sacred objectives are more realized now and our brains are not as clouded as we head into Mercury direct on Sunday.

Life is more balanced.  We have been forced to slow down this month to reconnect with ourselves, others, the planet and all it’s kingdoms.

This is a great planning month because the astrological year starts in April. We all may find that this energy really affects us this year.  We are more sensitive. We are asked to take notice, nudged repeatedly until we do. This is a really exciting transition as we slow down to take notice of the changing seasons.

What are our objectives now? Are they the same as the goals we gave ourselves at the beginning of this year 2013?  Or do we add more self-growth goals after this reflective retrogade? Is our core goal to grow as souls? Is that the real objective or mission for our Earth journey? Are we moving away from competition, materialism and grasping at power?  Is Selflessness an area of exploration now?

There is so much positive energy on this blue/green ball we call home yet if we stay stuck to all the techie outlets, too available to us, we will not realize it. Things are changing. Kindness rules as we spring forward. Be it! Receive it! Be grateful for kindness. Simplify. Let’s get ready to make a difference.



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