November Promise

 The furious October ride continues in November as the holidays approach at mach speed.  This first week of November is a celebration of ancient Celtic lore as we pass Samhain and dance into an earth-centered fall where the veils between worlds are transparent.  Get your feet into the earth!!!!  Ground into the lusciousness of life!  The great turning is happening around us as the trees express in colors of red, orange and yellow.  The lower chakra speak.  Take time to connect, love and enjoy Gaia, our home.

 We are moving past the partial Scorpio Solar Eclipse new moon cycle which pulled in many new brilliant opportunities for those who did not strain, push or muscle them into being.  We have entered a new evolutionary cycle where worry, stress, complaints, gossip, addictions ect. ect. just bring more of the same.  Flow is the name of this new game.  Letting go and moving out of the way so the Divine can work through us is the only sane path left to us now!

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 6th heralds in November in a dynamic way.  Here we recognize our true worth as individuals.  Having a healthy sense of self-worth radiates out to the world and pulls in many fabulous people, places and things.  We become magnets of good.  We become beacons or LIGHT~ houses, as we let the Divine light in our souls co-create our lives.

It is time to find what we most value in our lives;  Be that and do that.

The solar flares, which were intense the last week of October, are down loading a new way of being on Gaia.  For those of us sensitive to this amazing energy, slowing down has been necessary so we can actually receive this information! 

This is a power packed time of great illumination, green technological breakthroughs and personal empowerment.

Revel in this new energy!!!

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