Here we are, after crossing the Autumnal Equinox, on the New Moon cycle!  The BRING cycle!  The ‘get off the couch and get things done’ cycle!  Do you feel lighter and happier?  We have entered into the friendly, sociable, fun air sign of Libra which is ruled by VENUS!!!  Love, love LOVE!

Partnerships of ALL kinds are acomin, already here or some are under scrutiny!!!!  We have till October 8th to enjoy the social activities that may fall into our lives or we may feel so good that we initiate them.  It is time to get out there and shine with new found discernment earned over the past few weeks.

As Eric Hutchinson says, “Ya gotta run real far before ya ever get close to home!”  We are close to home.  Know that.  Feel that.  Keep goin, persevere!!!

We are traveling on an evolutionary time line as a global society.  The DIVINE timeline!  We gotta laugh through this, stay in a high (literally) vibration or we could get caught in the downdraft.  The easy, (HAHA) common, pedestrian journey.

It’s takes real work to climb up and there will be setbacks (challenging astrological influences) yet that’s the interesting, uplifting, joyful, heart centered and fulfilling journey.

So easy becomes painful and difficult and challenging becomes rewarding NOW!  That is the new status quo, my friends.

What does all this have to do with partnership???

The recurring theme, illuminating through the cosmos for the entire year, has been that of LETTING GO!  Now, we all can think of this in different ways because we are individuals yet there is one commonality.  ACCEPTANCE.

When we let go, we accept circumstances, people, places and things for what they are right NOW, in the present moment.

Especially in partnership of ANY kind we see the other for what they are right now, we accept that, and then use our newfound discernment to realize where they fit into our lives.

We are looking with new eyes at partnerships.  We are then challenged to use compassionate words in all situations.  Or no words at all.  Holding the space for others is powerful at anytime.  Most can then hear what has just been said if there is space.  Words hang in the air of Libra.  Loving moments happen if we let them!

Caviate: Merc Retro falls on Oct 4th, PEOPLE, place and things return for review!)

Enjoy the rarified air of Libra.  “Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out.”

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