Powerful February

 Here we are on the new moon in Aquarius cycle celebrating Imbolc / Candlemas and the Chinese New Year of the metal rabbit!!!  Wow, lot’s going down.  This is a powerful time, we have just entered, where consciousness will move forward every 20 days if we allow it.  This means we all need to:

  • Slow down our personal lives and work lives. 
  • Listen more than we talk.
  • Take time for ourselves whenever possible.
  • Firm up personal boundaries.
  • Learn the ancient art of timelessness.

As far as our personal lives go, we are entering a sweet year for finding that perfect someone or strengthening the bond we already have in our love relationships or marriages.  All this is accomplished through gentleness, sweetness, allowing, listening, honesty and simplicity. 

On the world scene, things look wild and anger is rising when inequity is the law of the land.  Watch Egypt, they are leading. 

Justice, compassion and peace are stoking the triple fire of revolution in our relationships, in the work place, in our towns, cities and all countries on our green/blue garden planet home.

The revolution is green as well!  For our planet and all her creatures, including us, are not only crying out for change now, every being including the earth itself, is acting out, dropping out, figuring it out, taking action!!!!  The energetic fires are burning brighter as we cross further into this year.

For those who think there is not enough time in a day to get anything done, I have a suggestion.  A little tip for now and the upcoming times is learning and mastering the ancient art of timelessness.  Sit quietly and imagine yourself inside a giant, shimmering crystal of swirling energy.  Breathe deeply and affirm that you are in the flow of abundance NOW!  This can be a short, few, quiet minutes stolen at your desk at work, or on an escape to the restroom during a stressful meeting, a needed pause during housework, in the parked car or when you are stuck in traffic, even during a fight you can wrap yourself and the other in this shimmering crystalline energy and breathe through it to achieve a win/win outcome.

Let’s flow with the incredible leaps in consciousness now available if we become peaceful, gentle, loving beings who appreciate the earth and her creatures.

Love your life, appreciate every moment and laugh and love as much as you can every minute of every day.   Always ask yourself ‘what would love do?’, when faced with a challenge.  Choose love.  Be Love!!

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