Protecting our Natural World

Re-Seeding Our Earth

By now we all know that our world is fragile and precious.  In this millenium, we are not just fighting the destruction of nature but the destruction of meaning. Any artist will tell you that their inspiration comes predominately from nature. The beauty of our natural world is the ultimate inspiration for most because we are, all of us, artists of some kind.

It is time to rethink our lives once more before the June Triple Eclipse Cycle does it for us.  Eclipses can be felt three months before they land and the effects and circumstances surrounding any given Solar eclipse can last up to a year. Lunar eclipses are less potent and can be felt for three more months. Solar eclipses are like extra powerful super-moons that draw new circumstances into our lives. Lunar eclipses cleanse and take unnecessary things away.

This June eclipse cycle moves in as we celebrate three powerful full super-moons. The Christ Full Moon initiated on April 18th, 2011 where we honored the Christ within us and all Creation. The Full Moon Wesak  initiates on May 17, 2011 which is Buddha’s birthday and honors the God in all of us and all Creation. The Goodwill/World Invocation Day Full Moon initiates on June 16, 2011 honoring spiritual unity in humanity. This last super-moon is embedded in the triple eclipse cycle further empowering great changes.

The elements of fire, water, air and earth are raging. Some of this is due to the spectacular energies of this millinium that are moving our world, humanity, and all other kingdoms of beings found here, to raise and balance our consciousness into oneness.  What does that mean? Simplify now!Think about our priorities. What moves and inspires us? What do we really need on this journey? Who do we need? Why?

We can think of this millenium  as a great adventure. Never before has so much been offered to so many. You may see only loss if you are glued to the television screen,  computer monitor, cell phone, iPhone or blackberry. Yet, if you walk in nature alone, without your ear buds, you can hear a massive destiny roaring the future into being. Take time to listen. Take time to be in tune with the One who is really calling the shots, even though we all know some of these earth movements and disasters are man-made manipulations. In the end, the great being that can shake us all off at a moment’s notice, can be a friend or foe. We can either co-habitate in harmony and Oneness or continue to be tossed around by Her elements, Her warriors of the Spirit.

Let’s Re-seed the Earth with our thoughts, our actions, our children and our love.

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